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Chandrakanta 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Virendra sees Tej Singh collapsed after bichu kanya Tara/Shyamala bit him and tried to kill. He calls guards and ask to call royal vaidya/ayurvedi doc. Shyamala hides and thinks she has to escape from here before anyone notices them. Ratnagarbha via magical bowl sees bichu kanya around Virendra and shows it to Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha leaves for Navgarh to protect Virendra. Krur Sign sees her going and thinks she is getting attracted to Virenda like a magnet, but whatever she does, she has to return back to him. Step mom comes there. He asks if she is spying on him and leaves. She turns into Champa and thinks she has to spy him to know his secret. Krur Singh with real step mom goes to Ratnagarbha and yells why did she send Chandrakantha to Navgarh risking her life. Step mom yells she did not see Chandrakantha growing, so she does not care about Chandrakantha’s life. Ratnagarbha says knows what she is doing and her daughter is powerhouse and knows how to protect herself and people around her.

Virendra with guards carries Tej singh’s to his room. Padvika asks Virendra what happened to Tej Singh. Virendra says Tej Singh knows who is ichadhari bichu kanya who is attacking them and she bit Tej Singh. Chandrakantha comes with vaid. Vaid tells guards that yuvraj had called them to treat Tej Singh. Guards say they did not get any order. Jai Aditya comes there and asks guards to let vaid in. He asks vaidya who is the girl in veil. Vaidya says she is his daughter and helps him in mixing herbs properly. Jai says he cannot let her in without seeing face as it is a question of security. Guard comes and says yuvraj called vaidya immediately as Tej Singh’s condition is worsening. Jai lets them in.

Injured tara/shyamala goes to her hideout and thinks she needs poison to heal herself. She does black magic and calls lots of scorpions. She then gains powers and thinks Virendra will die now.

Vaidya checks Tej Singh and says a poisonous creature has bitten Tej singh and if it is killed, poison effect will vanish. Virendra says he does not believe in all this and asks to use some other method to save Tej Singh. Tara comes there and asks Virendra to have something at least now. She drags him out holding his hand. Virendra stops her and says she is trying hard to lure him, he has to finish important work and then will meet her. Chandrakantha thinks who is this girl, she needs to find out.

Virendra takes Jai to Surendra’s room and says they need to find out clue here. He finds blue mark under carpet and shows it to Jai. Jai says they all know Chandrakantha killed Surendra. Virendra says someone killed Surendra and trapped Chandrakantha, he saw same poison mark on Surendra’s body.

Jai goes to Giddh singh and asks whom he brought as Tara, she is very dangerous and is harming people here. Giddh in his usual style says he knows what he is doing. Chapala hears their conversation hiding. Somone holdsd her shoulder from behind and drags her along. Chapala relaxes seeing Chandrakantha and reveals that women here is not Tara. They both see Virendra walking with Shyamala and telling she insisted to see kuldevi mandir and he is taking her there. Real Tara’s kerchief falls down from Chapala’s hand. Virendra and Tara walk away without noticing kerchief. Jai passes by and picks it, thinks how did it come there. Chandrakantha follows Jai to a cave and walks in thinking why he came into this horrible cave. She sees an old witch and gets afraid. Witch disappears. Jai tries to attack her, but stops seeing her and asks what is she doing here. She says she realized he is behind conspiracies in palace. He says he is being forced into all this to save Tara from a witch, even Giddha singh is helpless. She asks where is the witch. Jai says he is seen always here. Ground shakes and snake emerge. Tara then comes out. Jai runs and hugs her. Chandrakantha warns it maybe a trap, but relaxes seeing Tara and Jai safe. They all 3 walk out of cave. Chandrakantha asks Jai to take Tara to Navgarh and inform everyone about the imposter as Tara in palace while she will go to kuldevi mandir and save Virendra.

Virendra takes Tara to kuldevi mandir. She asks if he is coming here first time. He says he came with Chandrakantha before. She gives him sweet puri and insist to have it. He says one is not enough. She turns to t get one more puri. He silently throws it and acts as munching it and then collapses. She carries him to car and laughs. He holds her hand. She is shocked and asks I he did not collapse. He says he caught her truth long ago and reminisces seeing Tara’s given apple in Tej Singh’s attacked place and a woman hiding behind pillar and turning into scorpion, Tara peeping repeatedly, etc. He asks what is her motto. She reveals that she is Shivdutt’s wife and has come there on Marich’s order to kidnap him. She reminisces incident where she tells Marich that she will obey her husband and kill Virendra. Marich says Shivdutt is immature and may be killed by someone with his heinous act, so if she brings Virendra alive, he will make sure nothing will happen to Shivdutt whole life. Virendra asks why did she kill Surendra and trapped Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha comes there and Shyamala disappears. Chandrakantha tells that woman is not tara. Virendra says he knows, but why she came here. Tara emerges as monster scorpion woman and says good they both came together, they can die together If not live together. She attacks Virendra first. Chandrakantha throws sword towards Virendra and he holds it and attacks Tara unsuccessfully. Tara bites him. Chandrakantha comes to Virendra’s rescue and asks Tara who is she and why she is attacking them. Tara says Virendra wants to kill her husband. Chandrakantha asks who is her husband. Tara says Shivdutt, they had a gandharva vivah secretly. Chandrakantha says Shivdutt is a big criminal and eyes on other women, he tried to use her, but Virendra saved her. Tara says she is telling to save herself and continues to attack Chandrakantha.


Chandrakanta 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha pleads pandit to save Yuvraj Virendra as he is bitten by poisonous scorpion. Pandit turns into Shivdutt and he walks towards her. Shyamala comes there and smiles at Shivdutt.