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Chandrakanta 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shyamala continues attacking Chandrakantha and shouts she is lying, Shivdutt will never eye on other woman except her. She is pativrata, will follow her patni dharm, and kill Virendra. Chandrakantha says even she loves Virendra and will not her harm him. She fights with sword. Virendra says she cannot fight with Shyamala with sword. Chandrakantha sees dry leaves and burns them thinking scorpions are afraid of fire. She then says Virendra lets us go from here. Virendra says they have to go to old shiv mandir where sadhu can cure any poison.

Jai Aditya takes Taramati to palace. Padvika asks who is this girl. Jai says he will tell whole story later, this is Taramati. Padvika asks who is the girl Giddha singh brought. Giddha singh comes and gets very happy seeing his daughter. Jai apologizes Padvika and says an unknown ire man kidnapped Shyamala and forced him to do things against his wish. Giddha says he wanted to bring Taramati and Jai’s alliance as they love each other, but fireman kidnapped Tara and forced him to send Virendra and Taramati’s alliance and then come here with Shyamala. He requests her to save Virendra as the woman he went with is bichu kanya Shyalama.

Chandrakantha takes Virendra to shiv mandir and requests panditji to save yuvraj Virendra as he is bitten by very poisonous scorpion. Shivdutt comes out of disguise and reveals he killed Panditji and took is place. He walks towards Chandrakantha. Shyamala comes there. Shivdutt orders her to kill Virendra while he takes revenge from Chandrakantha. He holds Chandrakantha and misbehaves with her. Shyalama tries to attack Virendra. Virendra stops her and says they don’t have any enemity, Shivdutt is misleading her and wants to come between him and Chandrakantha. Shivdutt says Chandrakantha he could not get her before, now she should submit herself to him. Shyamala is shocked and asks what is he doing. He says he can leave her, but not Chandrakantha and orders her to kill Virendra. Shyamala reminisces Shivdutt being brought to her world after her brother bites Shivdutt. Old scorpions tell it is inauspicious I they bite someone on this night and their kuldevi will get angry. Shyamala and asks what she can do now. They suggest her to drop all her poison into Shivdutt to save him. Out of flashback, she resists. Shivdutt pushes her and she falls on havan fire. Virendra jumps and saves her on time and falls back. Shyamala holds sword on Shivdutt and warns to back off. She takes him out informing Chandrakantha to smear holy ash on Virendra’s body and chant shiv mantras, that is the antidote for her poison. Chandrakantha does some. Out of mandir, Shivdutt attacks and injures her hand. Marich comes and asks her to go back to her world and never return, he will take back Shivdutt with him.

Virendra and Chandrakantha return back to Navgarh. Shyalama also returns and tells her story how fireman forced her to do all this threatening to kill her husband. Padvika says she killed someone else’s husband to save her husband. Shyamala says she did not kill Surendra and it was Chandrakantha who stabbed him. She reminisces a long boot masked man entering Surendra’s room and is about to step on scorpion shyamala. Surendra is seen holding talsima book. Chandrakantha enters and masked man hides. Surendra gives talisma book to Chandrakantha. Something happens to Chandrakantha and she stabs Surendra. Padvika says it is clear that Chandrakantha killed Surendra. Shyamala says she did not say that, when Chandrakantha can save Virendra risking her lie, hos can she kill Surendra, it is someone who made her kill Surendra. Chandrakantha says no need to prove her innocence, Virendra has to do his duty as a raja and do selfless justice. Giddha singh is seen throwing masked man’s boots away.

Chandrakanatha’s step mom goes to Krur Singh’s room and says she found out who is behind Surendra’s murder conspiracy. Kur Singh says even he knows who is it. He holds her and drags her to Ratnagarbha’s room and throws her on floor. Ratnagarbha asks what heinous act is this. Real stepmom comes and says even she wants to know what heinous act is this, who is this imposter. Krur Singh Warns to reveal her identity, else he will kill her. Imposter turns into Champa. Stepmom alleges Ratnagarbha for spying on her and says it is raj vidroh. Ratnagarbha says the incidents happening recently, she feels its strings are attached here. Chandrakantha returns with Chapala. Ratngarbha asks she is proved guilty. Chandrakantha says she exposed scorpion woman Shyamala and saved Virendra. Ratnagarbha says that means she is not yet proved innocent. Chandrakantha thinks until the fireman is caught, she cannot be proven innocent.

Krur Singh is sound asleep in his room. Fireman comes to his room and emerges into human. Krur Singh wakes up and greets him as his twin elder brother. Man is Krur Singh’s replica. Krur Singh praises that nobody knows that his twin brother is a black magician and can do anything. Fireman reveals that he did all this on Krur Singh’s request. They hear someone coming and fireman hides. Ratnagarbha comes and says she heard someone laughing here. Krur Singh says he is so tensed seeing Chandrakantha guilty, how can he laugh. She asks why is his room lamps on, if he did not sleep yet. He says how can he rest seeing all the incidents. Ratnagarbha leaves. Fireman says Ratnagarbha is doubting him, so he should be careul, he will return back to his world. Krur Singh asks him to do one more thing for him and then go back to his world.


Chandrakanta 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Padvika emotionally blackmails Virendra that he is both Navgarh’s raja and her son, so it is his duty to catch real culprit within 24 hours, else pronounce Chandrakantha as guilty. Chandrakantha is brought as prisoner.