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Chandrakanta 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Chandrakanta you will watch Chandrakantha sees Virendra in secret cave, runs and hugs him. Siyali sees them and thinks she has to get the girl away from Harshvardhan/Virendra. Shivdutt ties Virendra and lashes him. Chandrakantha smirks. Stay Tune with us .

Virendra sees Harshvardhan’s image on wall and thinks it is his image. He touches wall and a door opens. He walks in and door closes. He touches other wall and another door closes. He angrily bangs walls. Chandrakanta also gets trapped in. She panics and cries. She then sees Virendra in front of him, runs and hugs him and says he came again to save her. He pushes her and says she finds ways to touch him always. Champa and Chapala get worried for Chandrakanta and discuss they have to find her soon, though Shivdutt and Krur Singh and their teams are searching her.

Shivdutt and Krur Singh with team search Chandrakanta in Yaksha Mahal. Krur Singh tells Shivdutt that rajkumari Chandrakanta is weird, she likes hunting, dancing, eating nonveg, drinking liquor, etc. Shivdutt says fantastic,he and rajkumari will get along well. Virendra and Chandrakanta walks along. Chandrakanta asks where is he taking her. He says finding way out and she should silently follow him. She shouts he is so arrogant. While walking with team, Shivdutt yells that his forefathers should have left him wealth instead of this yaksh Mahal, don’t know what was in their mind. Krur singh’s puppets discuss shivdutt himself is afraid of this place, don’t know what will emerge out suddenly.

Champa and Chapala search Chandrakanta in yaksha Mahal. Shivdutt sees them and asks champa (disguised as Chandrakanta) what is she doing here. She says she is searching her ayyar. Krur singh’s puppets see diamond in a skull’s finger and pull it. Hand comes out and they shout. Shivdutt asks what happened to them. He then hers sound from a ditch. Fire starts emerging and turns into a big tornado of fire and multi-mouthed snake emerges. Chandrakanta continues following Virendra yelling that men behave so well with women, but he is so arrogant. Virendra sees fire gushing towards them and asks her to run, but she does not. He holds her hand and runs and jumps down. Snake throws fire on Shivdutt and his team, but his friend ayyar Tej Singh reaches on time and spreads a protective barrier around them and saves them all. He then takes out his sword and jumps on snake, turns it into ice and jumps back. Shivdutt happily walks towards him calling Tej singh. Krur singh thinks so he is ayyar Tej Singh. Dev singh apologizes for coming late. Shivdutt introduces him to Champa as rajkumari Chandrakanta. Champa praises that she heard a lot about him in Ayyari’s gurukul, she means via her ayyars. Tej singh says this place is very dangerous, so they should leave.

Shivdutt with his team walks and sees Virendra and unconscious Chandrakanta. Champa and Chapala rush toward Chandrakanta and take her along. Virendra thinks this girl imposed him to trouble again. Shivdutt asks Virendra what is he doing here, he is sure not cleaning the place though, by the way how did he enter here when there is only one way in which he came through. He orders soldiers to capture wood cutter/Virendra. Iced snake shatters and fills the ditch gap. Shivdutt walks towards it, but Tej singh stops him. Shivdutt says let his wood cutter walk on it. Virendra walks on it and they all follow him and reach out of yaksha Mahal. Shivdutt asks him where is talisman key, where did he hide it. Virendra does not reply him. Shivdutt orders gaurds to tie Virendra to a pole. He then lashes Virendra and asks where is the key. Chandrakanta gets concerned, but Champa and Chapala stop her. Badri reaches in disguise, but guard stops him. He thinks of hypnotizing everyone around and rescue Virendra, but stops seeing Tej Singh. Shivdutt continues slashing Viren and shouts to get afraid of him. Viren reminisces Marich telling not to kill Shivdutt as he is needed to open talisma with key.

Shivdutt order Tej Singh to frighten Virendra. Tej singh gets fire and then big drachula, but Virendra does not get afraid. Badri thinks Virendra cannot escape from Tej Singh. Shivdutt orders Tej Singh to read Virendra’s mind and find out who he is and where is key. Tej Singh touches Virendra’s forehead and cannot read anything, is surprised, apologizes Shivdutt that he could not read his mind. Chandrakanta comes running with Champa, Chapala, and Krur Singh. Krur Singh requests Shivdutt to spare wood cutter as he was just saving rajkumari’s friend. Shivdutt orders guards to pull ropes tightly. They do and Virendra shouts in pain. Chandrakanta gets more concerned and shouts to stop. Shivdutt shouts how dare she is to order him. She removes her veil and says she is actual rajkumari Chandrakanta. He glances her whole body with lush and shouts she lied.

Chandrakanta 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha challenges Shivdutt to fight with Virendra. During fight, Virendra thinks if he gets defeated, it is actually Chandrakanta’s defeat. Shivdutt overpowers him and blows sword towards his neck.

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