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Chandrakanta 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Virendra tries to take away Ratnagarbha from Chunargarh. He rides his chariot defeating Marich’s khoonkhar’s with magic. Chandrakantha’s step mom comes to her room with bridal dress and jewelry and calls her. She asks Champa and Chapala where is their rajkumari. They both go in search of her. Chandrakantha is seen walking reminiscing Virendra. She drops flower vase unknowingly and walks on glass strands engrasped in deep thought. Champa and Chapala find her and take her long. Her legs are seen injured with blood on each step.

Marich wakes up and shouts Virendra. Badri pleads to forgive Virendra. Marich lifts him holding his neck shouting he is loyal to his friend than his king. He asks Jagannath to find out if Virendra crossed Chunargarh’s territory. He with black magic creates desert storm and tries to stop Virendra and Ratnagarbha. They both get stuck in desert storm in Mummy movie style. Virendra holds Ratnagabha tightly. Badri holds his legs and pleads to spare Virendra as he is his son. Marich opens his eyes feeling touch, his black magic stops and Virendra gets out of Chunargarh territory. He punishes Badri again and is about to kill him when Jagannath informs that Virendra and Ratnagarbha are out of Chunargarh territory. Marich shouts no…Ratnagarbha… Ratnagarbha wakes up getting out of territory. Virendra asks if she is fine, soon she will be with her daughter Chandrakantha and her husband Jaisingh. Virendra reminisces Chandrakantha telling that his father has kidnapped her mother. Out of flashback, he thinks once he unites Chandrakantha with her mother, she will forgive him.

Chandrakantha reminisces punishing Virendra. Stepmom comes and shouts what happened to her, her marriage is in 1 hour and she still did not get ready. Chandrakantha says she is fine. Stepmom asks Champa and Chapala to get rajkumari ready soon.

Ratnagarbha pleads for water. Virendra bring her water. She reminiscs Marich kidnapping baby Virendra and shouts Marich and falls unconscious again. Virendra pleads her to forgive his father’s sins.

Shivdutt goes to his comatosed mother and forcefully asks her to bless him as he is getting married to Chandrakantha. Faher says he has confined his parents and wants their blessings, how will they bless him. Mother subconsciously says he is not her son and an evil/Marich took her son, to save her son. Shivdutt shouts at Tej Singh what is this, he wanted him to take mother’s blessings, but his mother even in coma is saying he is not his son.

Marich asks his soldiers to follow him, he wants to stop Virendra at any cost. Jagannath reminds he will lose all his powers if he gets out of his territory. Marich says he will be immortal if he gets talisma powers and only Virendra can help him get that.

Virendra goes to Chandrakantha. She asks why did he come back after betraying her. He says wants her to forgive him as he brought her mother. She sees her mother, runs and hugs her emotionally and says Virendra that she forgave him. Virendra comes out of his dream and smiles that he is day dreaming about her. He gets to Vijaygarh and sees people walking into well decorated palace door. He stops a man and asks if there is any celebration. Man says if he des not know, today is our rajkumari’s wedding. Virendra asks with whom. Man says with Navgarh’s rajkumar Shivdutt. Virendra is shocked. He tells unconscious Ratnagarbha that he cannot take her inside palace. He stops a passing by old lady and requests her to take this woman inside Jaisingh’s palace. Woman agrees and says she has seen him before. He holding his face says he came here first time and requests her again to take woman inside palace. Old woman agrees.

Shivdutt’s baraat comes. Virendra silently walks in masking his face and mingles among people. Shivdutt seeing Jaisingh standing to greet him tells Jhumru that he forgot that he had sent donkey for their daughter, they don’t even have a choice now. Champa and Chapala asks Chandrakantha to throw flowers on Shivdutt and greets him. She stands crying. They hold her hand and drop flowers on Shivdutt. Jaisingh greets him in and takes him to mantap. Sitting next to Chandrakantha Shivdutt laughs on her that he is marrying her finally. Virendra sadly walks out of palace to shiv mandir and pleads god not to punish Chandrakantha for his sins, he is ready to be punished, but cannot see Chandrakantha suffering. Chandrakantha and Shivdutt’s marriage starts and their pheras.

Ratnagarbha requests soldiers to let her in as she is maharani Ratnagarbha and Chandrakantha’s mother. They laugh on her and don’t let her in. Krur Singh passes by and yells at her to get out thinking her as beggar. She pushes guards and runs in. She walks towards Chandrakantha, but guards catch her and take her out. She pleads god to give her strength or take her up. She pushes guards and runs again, clashes with pundits. Shank falls. She picks it and walks in playing shank. Everyone move aside. An old woman says this is rani Ratnagarbha. Chandrakanta stops just before last phera and is shocked to see her mother. She comes down. Even Jaisingh comes down. She collapses on Chandrakantha’s shoulder and she holds her and make her lie down. Even Jai sing is shocked to see his wife. She murmurs something in Chandrakantha’s ears and collapses. Chandrakantha gets up and says this marriage will not happen.


Chandrakanta 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivdutt yells at Chandrakantha that she changes words with season, he will crush her intentions.

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