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Chandrakanta 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Padvika goes to Virendra and says she wants to go somewhere. Virendraa asks where will she go. She says when her own son does not have any feelings for her parents, why should she stay here. Virendra asks what happened to her. She says his father was murdered and he does not care. He says he cares. She says then why did he let Chandrakantha go away. He says Chandrakantha is not faher’s murderer. She says she does not know all that, he should find out the murderer in 24 hours, else pronounce Chandrakantha as guilty and punish her.

Chandrakantha reminisces promising Padvika that her love will not come between mother and son. Ratnagarbha comes and says if she wipes her tears, will a mother not know about it. Chandrakantha hugs her emotionally. Ratnagarbha says bad or good time, it passes way. Virendra is with her and she should make her love as her strength. Chandrakantha says she is losing her hope. Ratnagarba says they both are made for each other and nobody can separate them. Jai Singh says Chandrakantha is right, she should not fill false hope. Ratnagarbha says Chandrakantha and Virendra are related for 7 lives and when god does not want to separate them, nobody can.

Virendra images Surendra coming to him and ordering to get him justice Virendra wakes up and realizes it is his dream. Virendra enters Vijaygarh and gets into Chandrakantha’s room. Chandrakantha turns and panics. He holds her mouth and then leaves once she relaxes. She asks why did he take risk and come here. He hugs her. She asks if he is fine, why he is so tensed. He says on one side it is his mother and other side his lov, his mother has considered her as murderer, how to change her thinking. Chandrakantha asks him to take her to his mother, she wants to speak. Krur Singh sees them together and yells when he is here, how can Viren kidnap his rajkumari, he will inform maharaj. Chandrakantha stops him and says Virendra is kidnapping her. Krur Singh pulls knife and says how dare he is and warns to get out. Virendra smiles and says whoever loves are not afraid of anyone. He keeps sword on his chest and asks to dare try to attack him now. Krur Singh gets nervous and says he was just joking, they can sit and talk. Virendra says Chandrakantha that Krur Singh is so understandable. They both turn into Chapala and Chapala. Krur Singh shouts they pranked him, he will punish them and throws fire on them.

Virendra takes Chandrakantha to Padvika and says Chandrakantha walks to talk to her. Padvika says she will speak alone. Virendra says as she wishes and goes to Raj Sabha. Pavika brings Chandrakantha caged in chains and addresses darbaris that tomorrow her husband’s murderer Chandrakantha will be punished. Virendra says he needs to talk and takes her aside, says Chandrakantha is innocent. Padvika says Chandrakantha herself accepted her crime. Virendra says someone else was also present in room and Shyamala accepted it. Padvika asks then why did not he arrest real culprit. Virendra says culprit is black magician. Padvika says if he brings culprit by tomorrow evening, she will spare Chandrakantha, else she will punish her.

Jai Singh says Ratnagarbha that she wanted Chandrakantha alliance with Virendra, but they captured Chandrakantha illegally, he will not keep quiet. Tej Singh comes and requests him to wait till Virendra gets justice. Jai Singh agrees.

Shivdutt sees Shyamala coming and happily tries to hug her. She pushes him and warns not to touch her, he betrayed her. He kneels down and says her anger is valid, he did a sin and should be punished by her, but he wants to tell her a truth, Chandrakantha is a magician and traps him always. When Surendra came to know about it, she killed him. If she does not believe him, he will kill herself. She stops him and says Chandrakantha will die now.

Virendra asks Chandrakantha why did she accept crime which she did not do. She says he fulfilled his duty of a son and raja, she is sure he will bring proof and fulfill his lover’s duty. He should get proof on time, else she will not spare him. He promises he will his best and prove his love innocent. She asks to try, promises breaks, but not effort. He promises again he will save her.

Ahmed and Nazim tell Krur Singh that nobody can save Chandrakantha now and she will be hanged tomorrow morning. Krur Singh says he will save his rajkumari. They ask how, how wil he confront biggest khoonkhaar Virendra. He scolds them and sends away. He then calls his friend Jawala to come out and save his love Chandrakantha. Jawala comes and asks if he loves Chandrakantha so much, why did he trap her in Surendra’s murder then. Krur Singh says he wants to break Chandrakantha and Virendra’s alliance and asks him to bring Chandrakantha with magical powers.

Virendra meets Ratna garbha and asks to find out how to save Chandrakantha. She uses her knowledge and says he has to head in one direction towards satpurva’s mountain. Virendra says it is far away. She says he has no other go. Virendra leaves asking Tej Singh to protect Chandrakantha. Tej Singh asks Ratnagarbha to stop, but she does not He says she is not Ratna garbha and is bichu kanya Shyamala. She turns into Shyamala. He throws knife and she disappears. He sends message to Virendra Singh via birds and then rushes to Chandrakantha, sees Shyalama attacking Chandrakantha and alerts her. Chandrakantha escapes. Tej Singh throws knife and it strikes Shyamala. She disappears. Chandrakantha asks why Shyamala attacked her. Tej Singh says love blindness, soon she may be killed in her blind love. He asks her to be careful and leaves. Krur Singh comes there and says he came to take her from here. She says this will wage war between 2 dynasties. He says let them and if she does not agree, he will forcefully take her and calls Jwala.

Virendra asks Ratnagarbha to find out real culprit with her knowledge. She tries and sees fire in Krur Singh’s room. She says her body is losing power, but she will try again for her daughter. She tries and they both see Krur Sigh and his twin brother.


Chandrakanta 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Virendra asks Krur Singh who is the murderer. Chandrakantha sees Shivdutt behind and alerts Virendra. Shivdutt hits Virendra’s head from behind and Virendra collapses.