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Chandrakanta 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 25th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shivdutt gets ready for a fight with Virendra. Tej singh suggests that he should take permission. Shivdutt says it is rajkumari’s wish to fight with Veeru, even he wishes to kill Veeru and teach him a lesson. Chandrakanta sitting on a chair under a tent. Chapala says she feels something awful will happen. Chandrakanta says she knows Veeru is brave and will win for sure. Virendra tells Shivdutt that he does not know to fight. Shivdutt laughs and insults him. Virendra thinks he has to lose to stop Chandrakanta pestering him. He drops his sword. Shivdutt taunts to get up and fight bravely. Everyone laugh. Shivdutt starts injuring Virendra and seeing him bleeding laughs. Marich’s eagle reaches there and watches whole fight. Shivdutt insults Veeru’s parents and his upbringing and points swords on his neck. Viren gets angry, snatches sword and starts punching Shivdutt. Shivdutt falls down. Everyone are surprised. Chandrakantha proudly stands thinking Virendra is brave. Virendra thinks again he has to get defeated to get rid of Chandrakantha’s attention and stops. Shivdutt gets up and points sword on Virendra again. Chandrakantha reminds him that there won’t be any killing. Virendra says he accepts his defeat and leaves. Chandrakantha thinks why he accepted defeat so easily.

Marich’s eagle informs him what happened. He fumes in anger. His magician does black magic and creates his sand image. He goes to Virendra and reminds him that he has to not kill Shivdutt if he wants talisma key, else he should return home forgetting about his father’s dream. Viren promises.

Shivdutt boasts in front of Tej Singh that he easily defeated wood cutter Veeru. Tej Singh says Veeru fought like a warrior, he is not a wood cutter and they need to find out his true identity. Shivdutt asks his puppet to go and bring Chandrakantha.

In Chandrakantha’s room, Chandrakantha fumes that Viren purposefully accepted defeat, he hates her. Chapala asks to forget about wood cutter, she should be worried that she lost her challenge against Shivdutt and what he may ask now. Guard comes and informs her that Shivdutt is calling her alone to her room. Chapala says she will go instead of Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says she has face Shivdutt and walks with guard. It is Sayali who came disguised as guard and takes her to the end of cliff and disappears. Chandrakantha thinks why Shivdutt called her here and calls his name. Shivdutt’s puppet informs him that some guard took Chandrakantha towards his room instead. Shivdutt says he sent him, then who took Chandrakantha. He walks out with his team searching Chandrakantha. Sayali creates storm and breaks cliff. Chandrakantha falls down shouting for help. Viren hears her voice sitting under a tree, runs and jump behind her. Shivdutt with his team sees that and shocked. Viren tries to catch Chandrakantha and holds her hand with great difficult. He then holds a hanging rope/tree root and hangs with Chandrakantha. Shivdutt sees that and is fumes in anger. Rope breaks and they both fall on ground. Chandrakantha falls unconscious. Viren get his hand injured. He gets up and wakes her up. She sees his hand injured and worriedly tears her dupatta and ties around his injury. She says he saved her again, why did he accept defeat. He says he does not want her to pay attention to him, so he accepted defeat. She asks if he hates her. He says no, he is a common man and she is a princess and people will badmouth about her. She says she could not see Shivutt insulting him, so she thought he should get a chance to defend himself. He says he can bear insult, but cannot see anyone insulting her. She is impressed more. He walks towards her and is about to kiss when Shivdutt with his team comes running. Virendra moves back. Shivdutt shouts at Viren how dare he is to touch rajkumari. Chandrakantha says he should reward Veeru for saving her. Shivdutt says he was coming to save Chandrakantha , but Veeru jumped before him. Veeru says he did not know Shivutt was present there, else he would not have jumped. He apologies Shivdutt and says he would like to go now, leaves. Chandrakantha says even she is tired and would go and rest and leaves, leaving Shivdutt fuming.

Sayali returns to her stone idol boyfriend Parab who asked if she hypnotized Virendra. She says no, Chandrakantha came in between even this time. He says she should kill Chandrakantha then and give talisma key to Virendra soon to gain his confidence.

Viren returns to Badri. Badri asks where was he, seeing his wound asks what happened to him, if he got into trouble because of Chandrakantha. Virendra stands silently.

Marich’s witches do black magic and he on Chandrika’s image in water orders show what is Virendra doing. He sees Virendra jumping behind a woman from clif and then catching her. He sees Chandrakantha’s face and is shocked to see she is Chandrika’s reincarnation like Virendra is Harshvardhan’s reincarnation.


Chandrakanta 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha tells Veer/Veerendra that she will never forget him. Marich asks Badri who is the girl Virendra saved. Badri says she is Vijaygarh’s rajkumari Chandrakantha. Marich orders to kill her. Khoonkhars surround Chandrakantha and attack her. She pleads for help.

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