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Chandrakanta 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivdutt stabs Chandrakantha. Virendra is shocked and runs towards her and holds her before she falls down. He pleads her to open eyes, he will not let her happen anything. She collapses. Veer shouts. Shivdutt laughs that there was one rajkumari and one rajkumari, rajkumari died and story is finished. He laughs if he will get back life in her. Chapala and Champa enter and taunt Shivdutt not to laugh like a mad, this is not rajkumari Chandrakantha, this is ayyara. She throws water on woman she her face changes. Chandrakantha walks in. Shivdutt is shockd. Shattered Virendra gets happy seeing her. She walks near ayyara and says ayyara lost her life trying to save her, she is responsible for her death. Shivdutt walks towards Chandrakantha. Veer stops him. Chandrakantha says this ayyara’s sacrifice will not be wasted, Shivdutt will be punished. She asks Virendra to punish Shivdutt for capturing Raja Surendra Singh and Rani Padvika and trouble Navgarh’s praja. Shivdutt orders his soldiers to catch Virendra. Tej Singh’s loyal soldiers come and keep swords on Shivdutt’s soldiers and rescue Surendra and Padvika. Virendra says Shivdutt that he will be punished for troubling Chandrakantha and drags him along.

Shivdutt is punished and tied to a noose, standing on a drum. Shivdutt struggles to save himself. Virendra says Shivdutt like drama, he will show drama today which Navgarh people will like. He lashes Shivdutt. Shivdutt addresses people that Chandrakantha is tricking them and wants to rule over them, Raja Surendra Singh is taking Chandrakantha’s side as he captivated them. Surendra says Shivdutt betrayed his parents and captivated them, he made a big sin. He asks Virendra to kill rajdrohi. Virendra picks sword to cut noose thread and kill him when a bomb falls on minaret and breaks it. Virendra curiously watches and sees Marich on horse with armour. Marich walks towards Virendra. Padvika identies him and reminisces Marich exchanging her son. She says he took away her son. Surendra says he understood everything, they will get justice, they will get their son and Marich will be punished. Marich says he came to take him back home, if he says no, everyone will be killed. Khoonkhars capture soldiers. Marich says if Virendra does not accompany him, he will destroy Navgarh. Tej Singh and Surendra’s nephew yuvraj watch hiding. Yuvaj says khoonkhars have captured their soldiers, it is better to surrender. Tej Singh shows him Vijaygarh’s army and says they stil have hope.

Virendra tells Marich that he is ready to come with him, but wants to kill Shivdutt first for his heinous act. Marich says they don’t have any enemity with Surendra, so they should not kill Shivdutt and return back. Chandrakantha says if he is not bothered, then why he is worried about a traitor and does not want to kill him. Marich continues to spare Shivdutt and walk with him. Chandrakantha says Shivdutt is Marich’s son. Padvika shouts Marich kidnapped her son and exchanged him with his son, Shivdutt is his son. Tej Singh silently frees Shivdutt acting as his loyal so that Virendra can kill him. Shivdutt rushes towards Virendra with knife to kill him. Chandrakantha shouts Virendraa….Virendra punches Shivdutt and pushes him on pillar. Shivdutt collapses. Marich tries to kill Virendra. Virendra holds his hand and pins him down. Marich says though he is no thi son, he always considered him his son. Virendra shouts he put him in darkness and he does not have his identity, says he spares his son Shivdutt and asks him to take his son Shivdutt away and never send him out of Chunargarh. Marich carries Shivdutt with him.

Padvika shouts son.. and rushes towards Virendra and says he is her life and once he left, she was lifeless and she is alive again after he returned, he should never leave her. Shivdutt emotionally says he will never leave her. Jaisingh comes. Surendra thanks him for coming with his army and rescuing them. Tej Singh says Virendra that Chandrakantha had planned all this to get truth out. Padvika continues pampering Virendra.

Back in palace, Padvika feeds chappan bhog/feast to Virendra with love. Chandrakantha comes. Padvika says good he came, ask Virendra to have food. She feeds him with her hand. Chandrakantha gives kheer. Virendra gets emotional having food from his mother’s hand. After sometime, Jaisingh and Surendra chat. Jaisingh says all is well that ends well. Tej Singh says it is he begigging and their enemy can try to attack them again. Krur Singh says Nazim, Ahmed, and Jhumru are caught, now they are safe. Surendra’s nephew Yuvraj frees them.

Virendra stands in his room thinking. Chandrakantha enters. Virendra says he is not habituated to so much love, he is doubting if he deserves it. Chandrakantha says it is parent’s love and he deserves it. Virendra says if he will get his parents’ love forever. Chandrakantha asks him tto be specific. Virendra says after Marich betrayed him, he does not trust any relationship now. Chandrakantha holds his face and asks if he trusts her. He says more than himself, if he does not trust her, he will doubt himself. He holds her face and says she asked him if he can be part of her dreams, today he wants to ask her if she will be part of his drams, she is more than his life. She gets emotional.

Shivdutt’s wife comes there and takes oath that she will destroy Virendra like he destroyed her husband. She will snatch his loves ones. Nobody can escape from her poison, even Virendra will die.


Chandrakanta 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakanth ties thread to a tree and tells Virendra their wishes will be fulfilled, he should help her tie thread. He does. Jaisingh angrily comes and drags her from there.