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Chandrakanta 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update ( First Episode )


Chandrakanta 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 4th March 2017 video watch online on

The episode starts with a voiceover about king Harshvardhan and his wife Chandrika. Chandrika is seen running holdinng a magical book wrapped into a red velvet cloth. Mareech follows her. She slips on a stone and falls, picks book and runs again. Marich picks her anklet and smirks that anklet is tired but not feet. He shouts where maharani Chandrika runs, she will find him. He turns whole place around. Chandrika finds herslef in front of a glass wall. Mareech reaches and with his magical powers kicks her on floor and she falls down. He picks magical book and ties er in air. Chandrika shouts he is betrayer. Mareech says Harshvardhan is a betrayer instead, they both got his magical book after a long of hard work together, but Harshvardhan wants to keep this book to himself. Chandrika shouts Harshvardhan. Mareech says her voice will not reach Harshvardhan. Harshvardhan comes and says her voice has reached him. He frees Chandrika and holds her before she falls. Mareech attacks him, but he counterattacks and captures Mareech. His soldiers captivate Mareech. Mareech shouts he is trapped in his wife’s fake love and is getting attracted to the world. Harshvardhan shouts he is sparing him as he is his student. Mareech shouts he is his companion and is not yet defeated. Harshvardhan orders soldiers to throw him in jail. In jail Mareech shouts Harshvardhan did not do right.

Harshvardhan while walking with Chandrika asks if she knows what is in this book. She asks what. He says magical powers and he has prepared a magical protective cover to protect his book. He calls his magical soldier and asks to keep this book in magical cover. Soldier says he had promised once cover is made, he will free them. Harshvardhan says he remembers his promise and will free them all tomorrow after the cover is complete.

At night, Harshvardhan applies medicines to Chandrika’s wounds. She says she is having wounds, but he is feeling pain. He says they are 2 bodies and 1 soul. She asks what if she dies some day. HE says even he will die as their life is one. Their romance starts. He touches her and says when he touches her, he feels touching himself. Their romance continues.

Mareech starts his black magic in jail and frees himself. In the morning, Harshvardhan with Chandra performs pooja with guru Oledharma. Guru asks that he is sending magical book in talisma cover, to rethink again. Harshvardhan says as he told his legal heir after 100 years will possess this book, so he is not worried. Guru orders to bring talima’s key. Harsh and Chandrika slit their palms, hold each other’s hands and drops their blood in havan. They then walk towards talisma cover. Chandrika is about to fix key in talisma when a flying spearhead pierces Chandrika and she falls down. Harshvardhan runs and holds her. Mareech with his soldiers shouts Harshvardhan’s way of betrayal is different and his is different. He orders his soldiers to attack. Soldiers kill Harshvardhan’s soldiers and sadhus. Harshvardhan sees Chandrika collapsing and angrily walks towards Mareech holding swords. Marrreech’s soldiers attack him and he kills them all. He then runs towards Mareech and gives him a strong blow. Moment freezes for some seconds. Harshvardhan continues blowing attacks Mareech and roars that he should have killed him long back and beheads him. Chandrika calls Harshvardhan. He runs towards Chandrika and holds her emotionally. Mareech’s head opens eyes and unites with body. He gets up and laughs that Harshvardhan does not that he stole amrith from Harshvardhan. He throws speaarhead towards Harshvardhan when Chandrika sees it coming towards Harsh and fixes talisma key. Spearhead stops just in front of Harsh. Earth shakes and Mareech gets sucked into earth. Harsh shakes Chandrika tto wake up, he will not let her die. She says it is time for her to go. He picks spearhead and stabs himself and says they both will meet again. She says what if they are lost. He says the will meet and dies holding her hands.

Voiceover describes a 100 year leap and Chandrika’s new reincarnation as princess Chandrakantha, who is very beautiful. Chandrakantha is seen waking up from her sleep. Chandrakantha….song…plays in the background..describing her beauty. She is seen feeling her beauty and taking bath in a royal bath tub. Servants then dress her up. Her two personal maids Ayara Chapala and Ayara Champa. Chapla describes Chandrakantha’s beauty and says everytime she looks more beautiful. Champa says whole world’s romeos are mad behind her. Chandrakantha says okay now, are they ready to head towards jwarghati temple. Another servant informs that her uncle Kroorsingh ji is coming. Chandrakantha says Kroorsingh is protecting her since childhood. Kroor singh shingly enters and says he brought love letters for her, he means from other princes all around the world. She asks to keep it. He asks if she liked palace security, he is personally taking care of it. Champa and Chapala comment. Chandrakantha asks if he made arrangements for jwarghati temple, she will go and meet father till then.

Chandrakantha meets her father. He hugs her forehead and says she is his pride. She says he looks tensed. He says he gets a lot of proposal for her from kingdoms, some friendly ones and some hidden agenda. Chandrakantha asks not to worry, she is going to Jwarghati temple as today is ashad maas and will pray for their prosperity.

Kroor singh’s puppets suggest him not to go with Chandrakantha to jwarghati temple. Kroor singh says he loves Chandrakantha since she is a child and is protecting her, who will dare eye on her. Puppets say Chunargarh’s senapati Veer singh. Veer enters to his father Chunagargarh king’s room and asks reason for calling him. He says Jwarghati’s senapati has dared to kill their soldiers. Veer says he will take revenge and asks his permission. King asks him to call him maharaj and comes in light, revealing himself as Mareech and Veer as Harshvardhan’s reincarnation.

Chandrakanta 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Chandrakantha says she hates Chunargarh’s soldiers. Veer shouts he hates Chandrakantha and if she comes in front of him, he will kill her. He kills other soldiers. Chandrakantha stops him and warns if he comes in front of her again, she will kill him. He attacks and Champa/Chapala shout rajkumari.

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