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Chandrakanta 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Chandrakanta heads towards Jwarghati temple in a chariot with soldiers guarding around her. Champa and Chapala taunt her that maharaj has decided to get her married and searching rajkumar. Chandrakanta counter taunts that she is will get them married to Krur Singh’s 2 puppets. They say it is better to keep silent now. They reach Jwarghati. Chandrakanta gets out of chariot with Champa and Chapala. Krur Singh says they have to leave this place son as it this place is very dangerous. Chandrakanta asks why. Krur Singh says their senapati killed a few rival soldiers and Virendra singh wants to take revenge. Chandrakanta asks who is Virendra. Krur Singh’s puppets say he is Chunargarh’s rajkumar and is very cruel. Chandrakanta says this is her kingdom and she can protect herself. Mansingh comes and assures that until he is alive, he will protect Chandrakanta. Krur Singh boasts that with his presence, Mansingh is very courageous now.

Chandrakanta enters temple and addresses god that she used to come with her mother here, god made her so beautiful that every youth wants to marry her, but she is waiting for her special rajkumar, who is he and will he come. Virendra enters Jwarghati, hides his face and with his soldiers start massacring innocent people. Chandrakanta hears people shouting and comes out of temple. Krur Singh orders soldiers to make a protective barrier around rajkumari and Mansingh fights with Virendra singh and his soldiers. Chandrakanta sees an old woman on ground and rushes to save her. Krur singh shouts where is his rajkumari. Virendra continues killing soldiers and overpowers Mansingh. Attacking Mansingh repeatedly, he shouts he dared to kill khoonkhars/chunargarh soldiers now he will kill Mansingh for his crime. He is about to behead Mansingh when Chandrakanta stops him. Mansingh escapes. They both stand looking at each other. Bin teere adhuri hai apni dastan…plays in the background. Chama and Chapala see Chandrakanta and shout rajumari ji. Krur Singh shouts to protect Rajkumari… attack. Viren’s friend Badrinath says him that they have to leave form here, but he continue staring Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta also continues staring him repeatedly.

Virendra returns to Chunargarh and stops reminiscing about Chandrakanta. His friend Badri asks what happened to him. Virendra says for the first time he is returning bare handed and cannot go like this in front of his father. He reverses his horse. Chandrakanta in her room fumes if she had sword, she would have killed Virendra. Chapala says she should not have come out of protective barrier, she heard Virendra is undefeated till now and don’t know what he will do after his defeat.

Virendra barges into Mansingh’s room and attacking him shouts that he for the first time got defeated because of the girl, he does not know why he stood like a statue, who is that girl. Mansigh says rajkumari Chandrakanta. Virendra kills Mansingh and leaves thinking why he stopped looking at Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta also reminisces him and thinks he was so cruel and prays whenever he comes in front of her, she should have a sword. Virendra also prays she should not come in front of him again. Geavy rain starts.

Marich gets up from sleep hearing rain sound. He sees heavy rain and seeing bright light in yaksha Mahal thinks what is happening there. A few pundits enter yaksha Mahal and seeing brightness think of informing Navgarh’s raja. Marich goes to his tantric pandit Jagannath. Jagannath does some magic and says whatever moment is happeng is very exciting. He opens a trunk and 2 pages from scriptures emerge. Marich reminisces killing Chandrika and Chandrika hiding magical book in talisma/magical cover and closing talisma. He excitedly shouts after 100 years, book’s 2 pages which made him immortal are reactive and he will become more powerful now, it is time to tell Virenda his motto of life. He calls Virendra and says 100 years ago, Navgarh’s cruel raja hid their powers and magical book in a talisma and it is time to get it out. Virendra says if he permits, he will behead whole Navgarh. Marich says talisman cannot be opened with power, its key will be given to Navgarh’s yuvraj Shivdutt. Virendra says if he permits, he will kill Shivdutt and bring key. Marich says they need Shivdutt to open talisman, he just has to get him alive and talisman key. Virendra leaves. Jagannath praises Marich that he so intelligently is using Virendra for is motto. Marich says Virendra is his live weapon. Jagannath says it will be exciting to see Shivdutt and Virendra collide.

Shivdutt’s puppet Jhumru rushes to Shivdutt’s room. Shivduttt is shown as an womanizer and busy with women. He scolds why is he disturbing him at this time. Jhumru says he got a good news for him, Chandrakanta’s alliance has come for him. Shivdutt is surprised to hear that and jumps in happiness. He says he cannot believe he will marry the most beautiful woman on earth.

At Vijaygarh, Chandrakanta’s father informs her that he has fixed her marriage to Shivdutt. Chandrakanta says why Shivdutt. Father says Virendra’s eyes have fallen on her and he is so cruel that he can do anything, so Shivdutt will protect her. Chandrakanta says Shivdutt has to prove his bravery by freeing her mother from Chunargarh’s jai. Father says he loved his wife so much, but he could not stop khoonkhars kidnap his wife and kill her. She says her mother is still alive and she had taken oath that she will marry whoever frees her mother from Chunargarh’s evil khoonkhars.

Shivdutt meets his father who tells he got a message that yaksha mahal’s talisma is glowing again. Shivdutt says not again, he will not believe in all these stories. Father says this is not a story, he is born to open talisman. Shivdutt says he wants to marry Chandrakanth and will not go to jungle. Father says what if Chandrakanta also accompanies him to yaksh Mahal. Shivdutt gets excited. Father says he will inform Vijayagarh’s maharaj about it. Shivdutt asks to inform tej singh to meet him on the way.

Chapala warns Chandrakanta not to go to yaksh Mahal as it is very dangerous. Chandrakanta says she wants to free her mother soon, so she wants to meet Shivdutt and evaluate if he is capable or not. Champa praises Shivdutt that he is very brave. Chapala says he is an womanizer and alcoholic. Chandrakanta says knows to protect herself and will evaluate Shivdutt if he is capable or not.


Chandrakanta 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivdutt does pooja looking at Chandrakanta. Virendra enters Navgarh and thinks why he feels he has come here before. Shivdutt walks towards talisman door and it closes. He angrily asks pandit its reason. Pandit says someone who should be here is among them. Shivdutt points sword at Virendra and asks who is he.

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