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Chandrakanta 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandrakanta 9th April 2017 video watch online on

Chandrakanta looks at her mother’s portrait and says she knows she is alive and they will meet soon. Champa orders maids to keep gift boxes in store room. They pick talisman key box with other boxes and keep them in store room. Virendra walks with Badri and asks where is secret route. Badri asks not to worry and creates an illusion of jungle and says this place will take him to Shivgarh. Virendra says thank you. Badri throws powers in his eyes and he becomes blind and shouts betrayal, he will not spare him and collapses. Badri apologizes and leaves reminiscing his promise given to Marich that he will not disobey his boss Marich. Virendra imagines Chandrakantha there who says he is coming to Vijaygarh to meet her. He says he is coming to get talisma key and not to meet her. She says he is.

He realizes it is his imagination and thinks Chandrakantha has taken over his mind completely.

Krur Singh informs Jaysingh that Shivdutt has entered Vijaygarh already. Shivdutt enters and says it is an old news, he has already entered palace. He kills guards ands says whoever wants to save their life can run away and whoever wants to be with Chandrakantha should be ready to die. Jaysingh shouts how dare he is to take Chandrakantha’s name with his dirty mouth. Shivdutt fights with him and kills. Chandrakantha wakes up from sleep shouting pitaji. Champa, Chapala and others ask if she is fine. She says yes. Jaysingh wakes up and says it is time for a war and collapses after another heart attack. Chandrakantha ges more worried. Krur Singh thinks if maharaj is dead.

Virendra fumes that Badri betrayed him and shouts at guards to open door. They say they will not and he can try to break iron rods and get out. Virendra starts breaking iron rods. Guards run to call more guards and informs Marich.

Shivdutt reads his father Surendra Singh’s letter for his friend Jaysingh and laughs that both friends are following friendship, but he wants Chandrakantha. He asks Jhumru to write a letter from Surendra to Jaysingh to send Chandrakantha in sent palanquin. He laughs in his usual evil style.

Vaid/doc treats tells Jaysingh and says it will take 2 weeks for him to get back to normal. Jaysingh’s wie says what if Shivdutt attacks before that. Kruru singh says he is worried most and they should hire khoonkars and send a help request to Marich. Chandrakantha scolds him if he did not hear what Jaysingh told, they will not take neech Marich or his khoonkhar’s help. Her stepmother says she is the reason for all the problems.

Virendra breaks iron rods and gets out of jail door and kills guards and shouts in anger. Chandrakantha thinks who can help them in this situation. He reminisces Viru/Virendra rescuing her often and hopes he is here. She imagines him in front of her and says it is her imagination. He says his reality and asks why she remembers often. She says after coming from Yaksha Mahal, she is worried about him. He says he is fit and fine and asks before meeting him, what she used to do. She asks what does she mean. He says she was her father’s pride and a powerful woman. She is a woman who is maa durga, maa kali chandika and should destroy her enemies like them. She has glow like moon and destroy darkness around her, if she will. Chandrakantha looks around and thanks Viru for reminding her what she is, she had forgotten that will power is the most powerful weapon in this world, she knows what to do now.

Badri apologizes Marich. Marich says he failed in his duty. Badri says he is not a betrayer. Marich orders him to take most cruel khoonkars and make sure Virendra does not enter Vijaygarh. Badri leaves. Pandit Jagannath says he knows that Badri or khooonkhars cannot harm Virendra, then why did he send them in vain. Marich’s skin turns very old and he feels weak. Pandit asks if he is fine. Marich asks to leave him alone and Pandit leaves.

Krur Singh cries that rajkumari Chandrakantha scolded him. Two crows come and he shouts to go away. Crows turn into his puppets who say rajkumari sent them to spy from air, but they could not control and came to meet him. Krur Singh says Chandrakantha called him fool and did not realize that he is future king. Puppets say he has to become minister first. He scolds them. They say they have a plan for him and murmurs in his ears.

Maarich opens suitcase and reads magical papers and turns back to youthful. He thinks how did he become so old, if these papers are losing their power, he has to keep them with the book. It proves his end is nearing. All this is because of Chandrakantha, but he will win over death and will become immortal.

Virendra reaches near Vijaygarh palace and takes oath that he will not return without talisma key. He is coming to Vijaygarh to win over it and hoist Chunargarh’s flag.

Jaysingh’s wife announces that Jaysingh is ill, so he cannot participate in war planning, they can brief their plans to her. Krur Singh says without king they cannot win, so they have to rent Chunargarh’s khoonkars and invite them for a help. Jaysingh’s wife permits him. Krur Singh says if anyone has better plan, they can come in front. Everyone present there say Krur Singh is right, they have to take Khoonkhar’s help. Chandrakantha comes and shouts stop itt and walks in front. Her stepmother asks why is she here. Chandrakantha says even she wants to explain her opinion, she does not approve Krur Singh’s ideas. They will lose their freedom and self-respect, will they agree for that. If they involve Chunargarh’s khoonkhars, they can take over even them. Minister asks who will guide them in raja Jaysingh’s absence. Chandrakantha says they should have desire for guidance. Their rajkumari Chandrakantha is ready to guide them. Step mother and Krur Singh fume in anger.


Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Chandrakantha tells Jhumru that she was waiting for him, she is sure maharaj Surendra singh has extended friendship hand. Krur Singh reads letter that Chandrakantha should be sent within 2 days to become Shivdutt’s concubine.

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