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Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer gifts jewelries to Chandrakantha. She asks if he selected them. He says yes. She are so heavy and rough, a petite will die with its weight. Mayavi as bird flies and sits in window. Veer reminsces bird rescuing Tara and says he saw this bird with Tara. Chandrakantha says there are so many birds, how can he be sure. He says he feels it is same bird, it is a big magical word. He catches bird with his magical power. Gehna tells Umang that Iravathi and Bhadra has done black magic on Chandrakantha. Umang does not belive. She convinces him. He thinks only Veer can help now. Chandrakantha asks Veer to spare bird as she loves birds and animals, if he hurts them, it is like he is hurting her.

Veer spares bird and reminisces Chandrakantha saving him from tiger and asking to lower his eyes, tiger will go away. He tells Chandrakantha that even her husband hated animals and birds. Chandrakantha says then even her husband is bad. Iravathi comes and takes Veer away. She drops dhatura powder bag, picks it back. A bit of powder falls on floor. Umang tries to enter palace, but does not find his bracelet. Guards does not allow him. He does magic to make them dogs, but they act as dog in human form and run behind him. Tej comes and rescues him and takes him in. Iravathi takes Veer along and gives him dhatura/poisonous flower mixed milk. Veer is about to drink it when Umang comes and signals him to come.

Mayavi as bird flies back and Chandra takes her in and says she got her memory as soon as she threw gomedh on her, but she fell unconscious. She reveals that Iravathi and Bhadra took her to vishnu temple and then to a door where a monster came and asked seshnag’s skin. She went into jungle and how Vishnuji as Mohini came and helped her, etc. She further tells how she took oath by mixing her blood with Iravathi’s blood that she will get into talismi secret place and give wahtever she finds there. Mayavi says she made a big mistake and she cannot take back her words. Chandrakantha requests her to find out a way to break her promise. Mayavi agrees and leaves.

Veer goes to Umang and asks why did he call him. Umang says he found out who is trying to harm Chandrakantha. Veer asks who is it. Umang says Iravathi and Bhadra. Veer gets angry. Umang says he is telling truth and Gehna told it. Veer angrily goes to Gehna and warns her not to tell lie against his mother and make him against his mother, he knows her tricks. He pulls knife and she pleads to spare her as she is his child’s mother. Veer says she is not pregnant and a lier, her drama wil not work on him. Veer then leaves with Umang. Umang goes to Chandrakantha and falls on dhatura powder. He becomes aggressive and out of control and roars he hates Chandrakantha and will kill her. Veer comes and stops him, but he pushes Veer. Veer ties him with magic and says he will find out what happened to him and leaves.

Mayavi walks into jungle feeling weak and thinks how will she find out solution to break Chandrakantha’s oath made to Iravathi and Bhadra. She sees Gehna there and follows her, but Gehna escapes. Gehna then calls monster/rakshas and says she came here to become rani my marrying Veer and rule over Vijayngar, but Chandrakantha is a hurdle, so monster should kill Chandrakantha. Monster attacks Gehna and she gets injured, her plan backfires on her. She pleads for her. Mayavi walks to her and she says he had come. Mayavi sees monster’s footsteps and thinks of taking Gehna to palace immediately before monster, but then thinks she has to cure her injuries first.

Chandrakantha realizes Umang became aggressive afer falling on dhatura powder. She walks to Iravathi’s room to confirm it. Iravathi takes dhatura milk and walks to Veer’s room. Chandrakantha gets empty bag and follows Iravathi. Iravathi goes to Veer’s room and calls him. Chandrakantha silents checks milk and finds dhatura in it. She hides when Iravathi and Veer return. Iravathi gives milk to Veer and asks to have it. Chandrakantha thinks of saving Veer and with magic drops lamp on curtain and it catches fire. Veer leaves milk and rushes towards it. Toxic fumes form due to dhatura. Veer and soldiers get agressive and fight. Umang comes and smelling fumes get romantic with Iravathi and asks her to dance. She pushes him and dances. He gets aggressive and shouts why did she push him. Veer comes and stops Umang. They all collapse. Chandrakantha comes out and walks to vaidya to find out if dhatura was mixed in milk and says what had happened to her friend Umang. Bhadra comes and asks asks what is happening. Vaidya says she told Umang is her friend. Chandra says she did not get back her memory, Umang was friendly and became his friend, she has Umang and Veer as friends in this palace. She asks waht happened in that room that everyone were shouting. Bhadra leaves.

Mayavi brings Gehna on mat and drops her outside so that guards can take her in. She turns into bird and flies to meet Chandrakantha. Guards see bird and shoot arrows on her. She gets injured and sits on a tree. Guards see Gehna and discuss Veer kicked her out of palace, but they have to save her. They take her in. Bhadra sees Gehna and walks towards her. Chandrakantha holding milk glass thinks only Maasi can tell her what is mixed in it. She burns her hair and throws it in air. Mayavi gets intimation and flies to her, then turns back to human. Chandrakantha asks what happened to her. Mayavi says guards injured her. Chandrakantha shows her milk glass and tells her whole story. Mayavi says it is dhatura for sure. Drama continues.


Chandrakanta (Colors) 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gehna says Bhadhra that she wants to kill Chandrakantha. Bhadra says Chandrakantha is not a common girl, she is great ayyara Ratnaprabha’s daughter. Umang tells Chandrakantha that he came here to protect her. Monster attacks Veer from behind.

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Chandrakanta - Ek Mayavi Prem Ghaata Details

Chandrakanta — Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha is an Indian supernatural fantasy television series which premiered on Colors TV on 24 June 2017. Based on the novel of the same name written by Devaki Nandan Khatri, it tells the story of Princess Chandrakanta. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh under the Balaji Telefilms banner. The series stars Madhurima Tuli, Urvashi Dholakia, and Vishal Aditya Singh in the lead roles.


Madhurima Tuli
Vishal Aditya Singh
Urvashi Dholakia
Surjit Saha
Purvi Mundada
Punit Talreja
Pooja Banerjee
Nikhil Arya

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min