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Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th December 2017 Episode Start With Veer looks at Chandrakantha. She pushes him and walks thinking he is a traitor and if he gets a chance, he will kill her again. She says it is very hot and sunny today. He thinks whenever he comes near her, something happens to her. He creates shadow above her via magic. On the other side, Gehna shows hypnotic plant to Iravathi and says this is what Surya took. Iravathi thinks Bhadra was right, someone is trying to create misunderstanding between her and Bhadra, be it Chandrakantha’s ghost or Surya. Chandrakantha sees hunter and showing herb asks where is vaidya Keshav’s hut. Hunter says many couple come here thinking they have marital problem. Veer and Chandrakantha argue.

Hunter shows direction. Nishi reaches Keshav’s hut before Veer and Chandrakantha reaches and asks Vaidya’s children where is their father. They say he went to jungle to get herbs. Nishi gives them ladoo. Veer and Chandrakantha walk in next and ask same. Children repeat same. Chandrakantha gives them peacock feather. Iravathi takes Bhadra to a cave and says she believed in what happened in front and not behind until she is proven innocent and Surya is proved guilty. Chandrakantha meets Vaidya who pleads not to kill her. She shows poison and says she wants to know who took it from him. Veer walks in and says he has to tell truth in front of Iravathi in raj sabha, else Iravathi will come here. Vaidya agrees and walks with them.

Chandrakantha reaches raj sabha and says she got her proof of innocence before stipulated time and vaidya will tell who took poison from him. Iravathi asks to call Nishi. Swayam goes toNishi’s room and knocks door. Nishi’s son panics hearing sound. Nishi enters via window. Swayam asks soldiers to break door open and walks in. He removes blanket and sees Nishi there and takes her to raj Sabha. Vaidya points at Veer instead of Nishi. Gehna asks if he has gone mad. He says he is 100% sure. Nishi reminisces kidnapping Vaidya’s children and frightening vaidya to point at Veer instead of her. Veer warns he will kill vaidya. Swayam says Veer showed his stepson’s nature and tried to kill stepmother, so he should be punished. Veer asks Iravathi to look into his eyes and see if he can try to kill her. Dhruv asks if justice will happen or not. Swayam asks Iravathi to show her justice and orders soldiers to take Veer to hanging place.

Chandrakantha tells Dhruv that Veer loves his mother and prays her like god, he will never try to harm her. Dhruv says her love for Veer is telling this. Veer is taken to hanging place. People say Veer will never thinking of harming his mother and praise him. Iravathi walks to Veer and asks if he really tried to kill her. He smilingly says if she thinks so, she can hang him, he will not utter a word. Swayam asks to hang Veer. Veer is hanged and killed. Gehna cries while Swayam smirks. Chandrakantha also cries, then says she is feeling as if she is being hanged, good genda Veer is hanged. She leaves to her room. Iravathi meets Bhadra. Bhadra asks why is she crying when Veer was just her pet dog. Iravathi says she is crying as she is seeing Vijaygarh’s destroyal, Veer was strength of Vijaygarh, people don’t like rakshas king like Swayam. Bhadra asks her to get Swayam married to Surya soon and make him a human soon.

Chandrakantha cries in her room and thinks why she is crying, her enemy is dead. Gehna comes and asks if she is happy now, she tricked by giving wealth to vaidya and killed Veer. Chandrakantha warns her to get out. Gehna pulls Chandrakantha’s hair and Chandrakantha shouts to leave her. Swayam walks in and gets angry seeing that. He pushes Gehna and warns how dare she is to touch his would be wife and orders to apologize Chandrakantha. Gehna apologizes. Swayam says even he is crying as Veer was his brother and tries to get romantic. She pushes him and injures her hand and it bleeds. Gehna thinks Surya is not Chandrakantha’s ghost and is herself Chandrakantha. She goes and informs Iravathi that Surya is Chandrakantha as she bled and is not a ghost. Iravathi asks Bhadra to stop this stupid. Gehna says since Surya came to this palace, only bad is happening and reminds all the incidents, Daksh’s death, Iravathi’s murder plan, Veer’s death. Iravathi says if Surya is really Chandrakantha, she will not marry Veer.

Chandrakantha goes to jungle and sees a wild boar coming. It turns into Dhruv who asks what is she doing in jungle. She says guarding him. Their discussion continues. Chandrakantha istha dev’s hawk comes and gives her signal. A sadhu comes and tells Chandrakantha has to get back magical knife within 2 weeks, else she cannot take it back from cruel Iravathi. Swayam says they have to at any cost.

Iravathi calls rajsabha again and says Swayam is right, Veer was a traitor and deserved death, so she is not sad on his death, in fact, she does not want to mourn at all and wants Swayam and Chandrakantha’s marriage tomorrow itself. Swayam says this is the best gift mom is giving till now. Chandrakantha says she does not want to marry.


Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tiger sees blood on leave and senses someone injured, follows blood stains and roars.

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