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Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Iravathi with Bhadra takes Chandrakantha near talismi door and asks its evil guard to come out. Guard comes and asks which evil called him. Irvathi says it her, rani iravathi, how dare he is to call her as evil. Guard says he is evil and only evil will come to meet her. Irvathi asks him what is the next test. He asks to go to sumeru mountain and get magical bird’s golden egg. Iravatthi says she thought he would ask to bring lots o eggs, but he asked only one egg. Guard says whoever brings it has to reach before one shift hour, else both he/she and egg will be destroyed. Iravathi tells Chandrakantha it is simple task. Bhadra says it is not easy. Umang o the other side searches Veer and Chandrakantha and thinks Gehna is right.

Gehna clashes with him. He says she is right, Iravathi and Bhadra wants to kill Chandrakantha. Gehna asks where is Veer. Umag says both Chandrakantha and Veer are missing. Gehna umes that Chandrakantha took away her Veer. Iravathi with Bhadra takes Chandrakantha to sumeru mountain and showing magical bird asks to get golden eggs. Chandrakantha walks towards bird when a way around Chandrakantha vanishes. Chandrakantha ass how will she go further now. Iravathi asks to not think much an go. Magical bird’s guard emerges and says she has to solve answer 3 questions. If she answers them right, she will reach eggs; if she cannot, then she will die.

Chandrakantha answers all 3 questions right and guard disappears. Chandrakantha picks eggs. Iravathi says let us go and give egg to evil guard soon before time passes. A monster Hiryanyasur emerges and asks to give egg to her. Iravathi asks who awoke this monster. Bhadra realizes Gehna must have awoken him. Monster picks Chandrakantha with egg and flies away. Iravathi tells Bhadra that Bhadra had captured monster 3 years ago, how did he return, only Bhadra knows to relive it. Bhadra says is doubting her guru. Bhadra says this is magical world and Tara must have awoken monster. Argument starts and Bhadra says I she does not trust her, then she will leave. Iravathi asks to prove herself Argument starts. first and then go.

Chandrakanatha’s parents come to meet her and stand outside palace. Monster comes there. Everyone panic. Parents hide and mother gets worried for Chandrakantha. Father says their daughter is safe. Mayavi waits for Chandrakantha in jungle. Monster emerges with Chandrakantha. Mayavi uses her magic, but monster defeats her and disappears. Veer locked in magical sphere hears Chandrakantha’s plea and pleads for help to let him go and save Chandrakantha. Monser takes Chandrakantha to his cave. Gehna thinks good her monster friend caught Chandrakantha, he should have killed her by now. She wears Veer’s gifted jewelry to Chandrakantha and thinks Veer will be mad behind her now.

Bhadra comes and slaps her and asks why did she awoke Hiranyasur. Gehna warns how dare she is to slap her. Bhadra slaps again and asks why did she awoke Hiranyasur, he took away Chadrakantha. Monster scratches Chandrakantha’s neck with his nail and injures her. Gehna tells Bhadra that she wants monster to kill Iravathi. Bhadra says she had controlled Hiranyasur for 15 years ad wanted him to kill Iravathi once she gets magical knife. Gehna warns her to be in her limits, he motto is to only kill Chandrakantha and get Veer. Bhadra says she brought up Gehna or this day, Iravathi is doubting her and will kill her. Gehna says she will become Vijaygarh’s rani and snatch crown room Iravathi. She leaves. Bhadra thinks Gehna has gone mad, only she can become Vijaygarh’s queen and is waiting since 15 years.

Monster throws fire on Chandrakanatha. Chandrakantha’s knie tattoo glows and emits light. Monster bears attack and thinks how can her magic work on him, he is immortal. He throws Chandrakantha in air. A man on the other sie tells Tej and Umang that monster is very dangerous, he sleeps or years and then wakes up and troubles. Mayavi hears that ges worried that she sent Chandrakantha to clear 7 steps and threw her in danger. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji to help her.

She throws magic and it hits monster. Umang asks Chandrakantha’s parents to come to palace with them, they will be safe. Mother asks how can she be safe when Chandrakantha is in danger. Umang asks her not to worry, convinces them and takes along. Father silently leaves to fight with monster. Mother prays Vishnuji to come and save her daughter and husband. Umang consoles her that he will bring them back, she can go in. She walks in. Tej says monster is very bad.

Mayavi silently frees Veer and thins only he can save Chandrakantha. Tej and Umang come there and inform about monster. Veer says someone had captured him, he has to find his culprit first. Gehna does not find Veer and thinks where he must have gone.

Guard informs her that Irvathi his calling her in rajsabha. She yells her child is waiting for its father, she will not come. Another guard informs Veer is found and heading towards rajsabha. Chandrakantha prays Vishnu ji to provoke her most powerful magic and kill monster. She tries to tie it, but it escapes and attacks her.


Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Iravathi asks Bhadra why did she awoke monster, she will punish her. Veer enters and says she is main culprit and is hiding her sins. Umang sees Gehna’s wound and asks what is it.

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Chandrakanta - Ek Mayavi Prem Ghaata Details

Chandrakanta — Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha is an Indian supernatural fantasy television series which premiered on Colors TV on 24 June 2017. Based on the novel of the same name written by Devaki Nandan Khatri, it tells the story of Princess Chandrakanta. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh under the Balaji Telefilms banner. The series stars Madhurima Tuli, Urvashi Dholakia, and Vishal Aditya Singh in the lead roles.


Madhurima Tuli
Vishal Aditya Singh
Urvashi Dholakia
Surjit Saha
Purvi Mundada
Punit Talreja
Pooja Banerjee
Nikhil Arya

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min