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Chandrakanta [ Colors ] 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandrakanta [ Colors ] 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakantha slips in dark. Veer holds her. Their eyes lock. She asks who is he. He says he is the one whom she did not see or heard about, he is the one who knows only to win. Sonakshi and Sotakshi call where is their ayyar. Chandrakantha calls soldiers and asks to catch him while she calls sena Nayak. Veer kidnaps Sonakshi and Sotakshi and escapes. Chandrakantha informs Maharaja that she could not save them and he took them. Maharaja calls Krur Singh who is a joker and shows his jokergiri. His father scolds him, informs Sonakshi and Sotakshi are kidnapped and asks to save them. He says he will save and marry one, then this palace will he his. Chandrakantha flies on carpet with Umang genie and asks him to hurry up. He says he is a small genie. She hears Rim Jhim dolphin’s voice and asks Umang to head towards ocean. They see Veer speeding on cart. Umang lowers carpet and they both lift Sonakshi and Sotakshi up. Veer shoots arrow and Chandrakantha unknowingly uses her powers and shoots arrow which injures Veer’s arm and hits ground. Veer fumes that he cannot be defeated by a maid. He runs and holds carpet and pulls it down. They all fall down and Veer falls on Chandrakantha. She gets up and holds knife on his neck. He comments beauty cannot kill. She says she can. He holds her She pushes him down and asks Umang to fly carpet Tej Singh comes and stops Veer and says they have to run as Raja Avantimala’s army is behind them. Veer asks what will he say mom. Tej says if they caught, how will he reach mom. They both escape.

Veer returns back to Vijaygarh. Irvathi taunts him that he got defeated by a maid and is disappointed, she is disappointed by him, nobody should leak this news. He should go and sleep now thinking how a maid defeated him. Aide comes and asks why did she insult Veer. Iravathi says she insulted him and provoked his manhood, he will feel guilty.

Chandrakantha takes back Sonakshi and Sotakshi to palace. They both complain maharaja that they went with Ayyar with their wish and he should fire Chandrakantha. Maharaja Avanti tells Chandrakantha crossed limit to save them and should be rewarded. He rewards her with necklace. She says without her friend Umang’s help, she would not have saved rajkumari’s. Avanti gives Umang also reward.

Iravathi mixes slow poison in liquor for Veer. Her aide warns her to stop it and find Ratnaprabha’s daughter first as 21 years have passed and she will get dagger. Iravathi says cover is with her. Aide says dagger will go itself to Ratnaprabha’s daughter. She sends liquor. Veer fumes reminiscing Iravathi’s insulting words. Liquor comes and he drinks it. Dancers come and surround him. He dances with them and imagines Chandrakantha holding him and taunting. He fumes. Champa comes and tries to calm him down. He shouts he is a fire and if he falls in water, it will catch fire, he will not spare that girl.

Chandrakantha shows her reward to her parents. Father gets happy, but mother gets worried that she took risk and says tomorrow is her 21st birthday and she should not risk her life again. Chandrakantha calms her down and family bonding continues.

Raja Avanti goes to magician and asks why did she call him. Magician says his enemy has return. He asks Iravathi? She says no…time..he will see what she had warned him long ago.

Chandrakantha does not get sleep and walks near sea shore. She calls Rimjhim and says she is feeling weird and not getting sleep. She sees a big octopus behind Rimhim and warns her to run away. She throws stone on octopus. Dagger forms in sky and lifts her in air with its powers. She sees all the incidents happened to her mother and whole story and falls. She gets powers and a talismi dagger mark on her back and falls down energyless. Aide shows light in sky to Iravati and says her end has come. Chandrakantha says dagger cover is stil here with its powers intact. Dagger cover falls down. Aide warns her to go and find Ratnaprabha’s daughter. Iravathi says her son Veer will go tomorrow and get Sonakshi and Sotakshi. Aide asks to bring Ratna’s daughter and she can easily identify her among many as she is unique with talismi dagger mark on her back.

Avanti orders minister to call Shivdutt. Minister says Shivdutt is sitting on mountain and does not want to come back.

Next morning, Chandrakantha’s parents wakes her up and say they found her near sea shore. Chandrakantha says she felt weird last night and went out and does not know what happened next. Mom says her crocodile curry is ready. Chandrakantha mom’s love is great. Veer wakes up on the other side thinking he has to finish mom’s work. He gets ready to go to Suryagarh. Champa comes and says they will kill that girl. He says he will go with Tej and kill 2 rajkumari’s first and then that maid. In palace Sontakshi and Sotakshi wait for Veer and dream about him. They fume that they could not go with him because of maid and they should teach maid a lesson. Veer travels into Suryagarh jungle with Tej. Tej says this jungle is very dangerous. Veer says tiger is not afraid of anything. A magical vine emerges from flower and is about to grip Tej when Veer sees that and pushes Tej down. He cuts vine. Vine emerges again behind him. Champa comes and cuts it and says if he had taken her before itself, he would have been safe. Tej says Veer is adamant as she knows. Chandrakantha walks into palace and apologizes Sonakshi and Sotakshi for coming late. They say they have kept a gift for her and she can take it. She walks slips and falls on cow dung. They loosen rope and load full of dung fals on her. They laugh on her and wish happy birthday.

Tiger attacks Veer, Tej and Champa. They try dagger, but nothing happens to magical tiger. Veer runs and tiger follows him. He jumps from cliff and tiger falls on stone. Veer climbs back and then walks near sea shore. Chandrakantha emerges frm water. H thinks she came here again. She runs and falls on him seeing tiger attacking him. He thinks she is behind him and can loot his dignity. She shows tiger and says it would have looted him Veer tries to throw knife on tiger. Chandrakantha stops him and says if he lowers his vision, tiger will go away. Veer arrogantly says he does not lower his vision. Tej and Champa come. She asks who are they. They say they are from a nearby village and need work. She says her uncle works in palace and will get them job there. She takes them home and her mom feeds them food. She says Bhola chacha has gone out and once he comes will take them to palace. They see Bhola’s boat coming and go out. Veer says this must be same Bhola. Chandrakantha and her parents see Bhola Bohla dead in his boat. She finds Veer’s ring. Soldiers come and arrests family on Bhola’s murder charges. Veer scolds Champa that he asked her to hypnotize Bhola and not kill him, reminisces the incident where they overpower Bhola and soldiers in boat. Champaa throws knife and kills Bhola. Out of flashback, Veer fumes that he could contact maa only via that ring, how will he speak to maa now.


Chandrakanta [ Colors ] 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha says Umang she knows who killed Bhola, he is a big ayyyar and this ring belongs to him, she will reach him via this ring, she cannot sell it. Veer is seen trying to lure her. Champa tells Veer that he has come to kill his enemies and not befriend him. He ooks at Chandrakantha and says he will get his ring once she diverts her attention.