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Chandrakanta (Colors) 26th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta (Colors) 26th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakanta (Colors) 26th November 2017 Episode Start With Gehna applies medicine on Bhadra’s wound. Bhadra shouts to be gentle. Gehna says she is still afraid seeing Chandrakantha’s ghost, Umang was trying to show her ghost and was shivering in fear, ghost must have changed Surya’s face. Bhadra asks her to get magical knife from her trunk and stab it in Surya’s chest to know if she is ghost or not. Iravathi during raj sabha tells her aides that someone is informing their secrets to their rival dynasty and should find out culprit soon. Daksh tries to enter to inform what he saw in Vishnu mandir, but guards stop him. He walks to his room and tries to wake up Nishi, but she is sound asleep. He finds gold coin pouch under her pillow and takes it, thinks if he informs Nishi, she inform Iravathi and get his reward, so he will tell what he saw directly to Iravathi and get reward himself. He leaves with gold coin pouch.

Veer dreams of falling from cliff and Chandrakantha holding his hand and saving him. He wakes up and thinks why he is dreaming same thing again and again. He washes face and thinks of meeting Surya. He walks towards Surya’s room calling her. Gehna holding knife searches Surya and clashes with Veer. Veer asks what is she doing. She says she was going to check if Bhadra accepted her crime or not. Tej and Umang come and stop seeing Veer asking servant if she saw Surya. Servant says she must be in her room. Gehna also hears silently standing behind pillar.

Daksh returns to raj sabha and asks guards if Iravathi’s meeting is over. They say yes and she is speaking to Swayam in another room now. Swayam fumes that he wants to marry Surya at any cost. Iravathi asks him to calm down, Veer must be bringing her back. Swayam says always Veer is behind is choice, earlier Chandrakantha and now Surya, he is always found with Surya. Iravathi asks him to calm down, Veer is his brother and he has to win Surya’s heart and once he marries her, he can become human from rakshas/monster. Their discussion continues. Daksh walks in telling loudly that he has a news for Iravathi. Chandrakantha as Surya enters and says Daksh is passing on secret to rival dynasty and shows coin packet in his clothes. Nishi says it is hers, Iravathi rewarded these to her. Chandrakantha continues alleging Daksh. Daksh tries to speak. Chandrakantha says he mean to say she is Chandrakantha. Everyone look in a shock. Chandrakantha says Daksh mean allege her t hat she is Chandrakantha. She says if he was talking about killing his wife and is untrustable. Nishi says she does not trust him. Daksh tries to speak again. Sawayam shuts his mouth via magic. Chandrakantha says she saw Daksh hiding wealth in his bathroom and bathroom was stinking badly. Daksh nods no.

Chandrakantha continues alleging Daksh and says Iravathi that she has to do justice if Daksh is found guilty. They check Daksh’s bathroom and find goin coin bags. Umang says praja/people are dying hungry and Daksh has looted their wealth. Veer angrily twists Umang’s hand. Chandrakantha says this s what Veer can do to stop truth, Iravathi should fulfill her promise and punish Dakhs now. Iravathi thinks how to punish hr brother, but has to in front of praja. Umang says Daksh should be crucified. Also chant same. Chandrakantha reminisces seeing Daksh hearing her and her father/baba’s discussion, baba stops her from catching him redhanded and says Daksh should get a punishment from his own people and that would be justice to his crimes. Out of flashback, Chandrakantha insists Iravathi to do justice. Daksh orders Daksh’s crucification in front of praja. Daksh is tied to poles. Iravathi asks Swayam to change Daksh’s punishment, she cannot see her brother being punished. Swayam says she wanted him to garner Surya’s attention, it is the best chance. He announces praja to stone Daksh. Umang throws first stone reminiscing how Daksh stabbed Chandrakantha. People throw stones next. Nishi and her son cry seeing this. Chandrakantha also acts and says she cannot see blood flowing from Daksh mamaji’s body. Daksh falls half dead. Swayam announces that for Iravathi justice is justice, even if is her family. People chant his name. Swayam boasts Iravathi that she can hear people calling him future king. Iravathi orders to take Daksh’s half alive body to crucification room and kill him finally.


Chandrakanta (Colors) 2nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandrakantha tells baba that she took her first revenge. Baba asks who is her next target. Chandrakantha says Swayam and Veer. Veer touches Chandrakantha. Swayam warns how dare he is to touch future queen and challenges him for a wrestling match. Chandrakantha thinks nobody can save Iravathi’s sons now.

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Chandrakanta - Ek Mayavi Prem Ghaata Details

Chandrakanta — Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha is an Indian supernatural fantasy television series which premiered on Colors TV on 24 June 2017. Based on the novel of the same name written by Devaki Nandan Khatri, it tells the story of Princess Chandrakanta. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh under the Balaji Telefilms banner. The series stars Madhurima Tuli, Urvashi Dholakia, and Vishal Aditya Singh in the lead roles.


Madhurima Tuli
Vishal Aditya Singh
Urvashi Dholakia
Surjit Saha
Purvi Mundada
Punit Talreja
Pooja Banerjee
Nikhil Arya

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min