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Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th December 2017 Episode Start With Chandrakantha tells rajkumar Dhruv that Iravathi is an evil. Dhruv says Iravathi is very powerful and if Swayam would have died, Chandrakantha’s dream of becoming queen would have shattered. Chandrakantha Rakshas Swayam killed her father. Dhruv says she killed her father instead and says she knew if Swayam becomes rakshas, he would start killing spree, he killed Naraindas ji because of her. He reveals he is Chandanghar’s prince and agreed to help her as she had saved him once from rakshas. He reminisces the incident where he is disguised as wild boar and rakshas attacks him when Chandrakantha comes and rescues him. He promises to help her when needed. Out of flashback, he says cleared her debt now. She says she needs his help.

He says one who dream about throne have to walk alone. Veer comes searching her. Dhruv hides. Veer sees tears in Chandrakantha’s eyes and this why his heart melts when he sees tears in her eyes. Chandrakantha thinks he is responsible for her problems, she will not spare him. Veer takes her along.

In palace, Iravathi slaps Swayam and asks why did he become rakshas. He says she forced him to become rakshas by letting him fight with Veer. Iravathi says he cannot win over Veer as Veer got power of 100 warriors. Their conversation continues. Nishi walks in and asks they will perform Surya’s father’s last rights with royal honors or like common human. Iravathi says with royal honors to impress Surya. Swayam says he will console Surya and give his shoulder to cry.

Surya’s father’s last rights start. Pandit calls deceased son to perform pooja. Swayam comes in front. Chandrakantha/Surya comes before him and says she is baba’s daughter and son both and will perform pooja. After performing pooja, Chandrakantha/Surya serves prasad laddo. Nishi hesitate thinking she mixed poison in it and asks Surya to serve it to queen first. Surya serves it to Iravathi. Iravathi gets ill eating prasad. Nishi gets happy. Veer takes Iravathi to room and vaidya treats her and says she tried her best but cannto find out what happened to Iravathi. Iravathi asks everyone to go out except Veer. Swayam says he will stay, but Veer sends him also out and closes door. Surya taunts Swayam his brother is so cruel. Iravathi asks Veer to get magical knife and uses it. She collapses shouting. Veer shouts worried maa… Swayam knocks door and asks to open door. Iravathi revives with knife’s power and gets well. She opens door and calls Ayyars to find out who did black magic on her. Ayyars say nobody did black magic on her. Veeer enters with vaidya and says he knows what had happened to her, she was poisoned and it is Surya. Vaidya says she checked Iravathi’s blood sample and found poison in it and it came from prasad laddoo. Nishi gets happy and provokes Iravathi to do justice and pronounce death sentence to Surya. Surya says she did not mix poison and is innocent. Nishi provokes Veer to do justice and behead Surya right now. She gathers people. Surya is chained and tied to poles. Swayam asks Iravathi to stop all this, else he will become rakshas. Iravathi says even she wants to save Surya, but is helpless.

Nishi continues provoking Veer to throw first stone. Surya asks Veer if he is so stone hearted. Veer imagines Chandrakantha and hears her voice. He throws stone. Swayam runs to rescue Surya, but Iravathi stops him. Dhruv reaches and holds stone. Iravathi identifies him and asks how did he come here. He says he was passing by and seeing injustice stopped. He provokes if men here are shameless to throw stone on a woman. He frees Surya. Nishi interferes and says Surya poisoned our queen and deserves to die. Dhruv asks if she saw Surya mixing poison in laddoo. Nishi says no. Iravathi says Nishi does not have proof, that means Surya may be innocent, Surya will get a chance to defend herself and get truth out in 2 days. Surya/Chandrakantha determines to find out truth soon. Dhruv thinks Chandrakantha was waiting for this chance. Surya/Chandrakantha scolds Nishi that she alleged her for the crime she did not and Veer tried to punish her without knowing truth, god protected us and she takes oath to find out who mixed poison in laddoo. Nishi says she cannot go out of this dynasty. Surya says she will not until finding out truth. Nishi says fine, she will be punished after 2 days anyways. Iravathi says Surya looked very angry. Swayam says his rakshas form would have come out to save Surya today. Iravathi thinks something good happened today.

Veer reminisces Surya and thinks why he is attracted to her, who is she. Gehna comes and badmouths about Swayam. Veer asks her to go and imaginging Surya in her shouts her black magic will not work on him, get out. Gehna asks what happened to him, she is just worried him. He locks door. Gehna thinks what happened to him, she will have to take Bhadrama’s help. Tej comes as bird and watches their drama. Gehna senses his presence.

Chandrakantha looks at her injury and shouts Veer is more cruel that his brother Swayam, she hats him. Dhruv enters. She thinks someone else entered and shouts she is fine. Dhruv says she is remembering her enemy more, he will kill her repeatedly, he stabbed her before and now stoned her. Chandrakantha says someone tried a unique way to try to kill her. Dhruv says she fed laddoo to Iravathi. Chandrakantha says murderer knew Iravathi is very powerful and will not die, so she would become culprit and be punished. Dhruv says someone who hates Surya. Chandrakantha says she got Daksh killed via Iravathi, so Nishi must have planned this. Dhruv says Nishi used same trick on her today. Chandrakantha then fumes that Veer does not have his own voice and just obeys his mother, she hates him. Dhruva asks really, she is saved by vishnuji as she is his disciple. She says she will not spare Nishi. Dhruv says let us expose Nishi as Nishi is intelligent but not brave like Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha gets laddo from Nishi’s room and tells vaidya told it is very poisonous and she did not want to show it to Iravathi as she would doubt she kept it in Nishi’s room and is trying to punish Nishi. Their discussion continues…


Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandrakantha slips. Veer holds her and thinks he cannot go away from this girl even if he wants to. Gehna shouts Surya or anyone cannot snatch Veer from her. Chandrakantha tells Iravathi that she still has 2 pahars/shifts to prove her innocence, she brought vaidya who mixed poison in laddoo before that. Nishi peeps behind vaidya.

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Chandrakanta - Ek Mayavi Prem Ghaata Details

Chandrakanta — Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha is an Indian supernatural fantasy television series which premiered on Colors TV on 24 June 2017. Based on the novel of the same name written by Devaki Nandan Khatri, it tells the story of Princess Chandrakanta. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh under the Balaji Telefilms banner. The series stars Madhurima Tuli, Urvashi Dholakia, and Vishal Aditya Singh in the lead roles.


Madhurima Tuli
Vishal Aditya Singh
Urvashi Dholakia
Surjit Saha
Purvi Mundada
Punit Talreja
Pooja Banerjee
Nikhil Arya

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min


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