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Chandrakanta ( Life Ok ) 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakanta ( Life Ok ) 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Krur Singh cages Chandrakantha in a bottle. Chandrakantha shouts to get her out. Krur Singh asks Jawala to get also him into bottle. Jwala say he is so eager to go near his lover and gets him into bottle. He says he came into bottle for her and saved her. She keeps knife on his neck and warns to get her out. He asks Jawala to get them out. Jawal does. Chandrakantha sees fire and asks who is it. Jawala says he is his brother. Chandrakantha runs. Krur Singh and Jawal run behind her.

Shyamala returns injured to Shivdutt and says she could not kill Chandrakantha. He acts as worried and then laughs good if she dies, he will get Chandrakantha. She says she saw his betrayal before dead, she deserved it for blindly trusting him. He grass Syamala’s powers and kills her and laughs nobody can stop him from getting Chandrakantha now.

Chandrakantha reaches Virendra. Krur and Jawala follow her. Jawala turns into human. Krur laughs and says Jwala is his twin brother. Virendra attacks Jwala, but nothing happens to him. Jwala then throws fire on Virendra and Virendra escapes. Tej comes there and asks Virendra to catch Krur while he handles Jwala. He captures Jwala. Virendra catches Krur, punches him and asks to accept he and Jwala killed Surendra. Krur says if he thinks he and Jwala killed Surendra, then he is wrong. He cannot reach real murderer. Shivdutt comes from behind. Chandrakantha alerts Virendra to be careful. Shivdutt hits Virendra from behind. Virendra collapses. Shivdutt laughs that Virendra is dead now, who will save Chandrakantha now. He drags Chandrakantha. Tej Singh comes and warns Shivdutt to leave Chandrakantha. Shivdutt laughs and attacks Tej and drags Chandrakantha again. Krur stops him and says he loves Chandrakantha and nobody can take her. Shivdutt lifts him and throws in air. He thinks how can Shivdutt be so powerful, he need to be alive to get Chandrakantha soon. He says he was just joking. Shivdutt drags Chandrakantha again. Krur Singh frees Jwala. Virendra gets up and attacks Shivdutt. Shivdutt gets up and removes knife from his body and runs away. Virendra then tries to fight Jwala, but unable to. Tej comes and gives him magical water to throw on Jwala, Jwala will turn into ashes, and then he can captured Jwala into bottle. Jwala disappears. Virendra throws water. Jwala turns into ash. Tej captures him into bottle. Shivdutt returns. Virendra thinks how can he be alive. Shivdutt says his wounds have healed completely, Virendra should give back Chandrakantha. Virendra asks Chandrakantha to return to Navgarh and prove her innocence, he will handle Shivdutt.

Krur returns to Vijaygarh and laughs that he is so intelligent, he looks at knife and thinks nobody can catch him. Ratnagarbha comes there and says via her magical powers, she saw him killing Surendra. Krur says it was his twin brother Jwala.

In Navgarh, Padvika tells Jai Aditya that she will not spare Vijaygarh and will destroy them. Jai says there must be some conspriracy. Padvika shouts what conspiracy, she ddoes not know anything, she just wants to punish Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha reaches and tells Jai that Virendra is fighting with Shivdutt and sent her here to prove her innocence to Padvika. Aditya says she cannot meet Padvika as she is very angry now. Padvika acmes and asks what new drama she has now. Chandrakantha shows bottle and says real murderer Jwala is in this bottle and Tej Singh captured him in this bottle. Padvika shows that rubbish is this. Air flows, bottle cork opens and Jwala escapes. Padvika asks what she has to show. Chandrakantha says she is innocent and is telling truth, Virendra is trouble and she has to return to him. Padvika says her heart trusts her now and she can go with army. She orders Jai to go along with Chandrakantha.

Chandrakantha returns and sees Virendra and Shivdutt still fighting. She asks Tej to use his ayyari. He creates a wall between Virendra and Shivdutt. Chandrakantha takes Virendra aside. Soldiers attack Shivdutt, but he kills them all. Virendra angrily says he will not spare Shivdutt and walks towards him. Chandrakantha falls from cliff to stop him.


Chandrakanta ( Life Ok ) 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Virendra takes Chandrakantha back to Vijaygar. Chandrakantha tells Jai Singh that this Krur Singh. Jai singh says he knows everything and warns Virendra to return back to Navgarh and never come back in his daughter’s life. Chandrakantha and Virendra are shocked.

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