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Chupke Chupke 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sindhu tells Saru that she will go. Saru says Meera seems to be upset. Sindhu says may be because of your overacting and says we were just planning birthday. Saru says she had to hide as she wants to surprise Abhi and Meera. Sindhu says we have exhausted all our ideas and Abhi will behave as if he don’t know our plan. We have to plan something different. Saru says she will think. Sindhu says she thinks they shall let Meera organize for his birthday being his wife. Saru says she wanted to surprise both. Sindhu asks Saru to ask Meera what is her plan and offer their help. Meera tells Abhi that he will do work from home. Meera says even she is working from home. She looks at him secretly. Abhi looks at her and thinks why she is seeing me. Meera thinks why I am observing him and why he is looking at me. She asks if he wants to ask her something. Abhi says no. She asks then why you are staring me.

Abhi says you are looking at me. Meera says I am seeing that you are staring me like owl. Abhi says I saw to see that you were seeing me. She says why she will see him. They both turn their back towards each other. Ankita comes and laughs seeing them sitting on bed with their backs towards each other. She asks why you are sitting like this. Abhi asks Meera to tell. Meera makes excuses. Abhi asks Meera to scratch his back. Meera asks what nonsense. Ankita gives her comb.

Abhi asks Meera to scratch his back with comb. Meera scratches his back with comb. Ankita says she wants to talk to her. Abhi thinks my family is not talking to me and talking to her. Ankita tells Meera that Abhi’s birthday is coming up and says you must have planned something and offers help. Meera thinks why can’t they leave peacefully. Dadiya tells Meera that she can do whatever she wants on her husband’s birthday. She tells about his childhood incident. Meera laughs and says nowadays he skips bathing. Dadiya tells that Abhi is sensitive and emotional, cares for everyone and had treated animals he found on road wounded. Meera looks on. Later Govind tells Meera about Abhi’s childhood incident and says he don’t burst crackers as it harms others. He says Abhi is very understanding. She thinks he seems to be a nice guy.

Meera talks to gopal. Gopal says Abhi was sweet 16 when he fell in love for the first time. Meera says he had a girl friend then. Gopal says his tuition teacher and says he got good marks in maths and took to engineering. Meera plans his birthday with Ankita.

Abhi sees the door locked. Meera comes inside and closes the door. He asks where did you go closing the door. Meera says Ankita locked it and says sorry. Abhi says so soon. Meera works on her laptop. Abhi puts the ties on the floor. Meera gets up and keeps it back. She asks why you are trying to pretend that you are a bad guy and says you are not bad. Chori Chori chupke chupke plays…


Chupke Chupke 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera asks Ankita to ask Abhi how much marks he got in his 10th. Ankita asks Abhi about his maths marks.

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