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Chupke Chupke 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera tells her dad that the guy she met has many expectations from his wife. She asks him to stop searching prospect for her. Shastri ji says why I will do this. Shastri ji greets his friend. Meera tells that she is going to lake side for jogging. Abhi senses her presence as they cross each other and looks back.

Meera comes home and sees his dad talking to someone. She gets down the car. Neighbor asks where is she going? Meghna says she is going home. Neighbor tells her that she saw 6th floor guy bringing 2 girls. Meera says what we have to do with him, they might be his friends.

Abhi tells that he don’t want to marry as of now. His mum tells that if this time goes, he will repent. She says you have become 28 now. His dad tells that he married and have him when he was 28. They emotionally blackmail him and asks him to marry for Dadiya’s sake. He asks them to listen and think to talk to Dadiya.

Mr. Shastri is sitting with his friends’s son and asks her to come. Meera asks what did you do? He tells that he handles his father’s business and says when he have his own, why he will work out. He asks about her hobbies. She tells that she don’t have waste time. She says I dont remember when I had join Ad agency. He tells that likes people who works and focus on career Meera says she don’t like people who are work centric . Rahul says such people and apologizes. Meera asks him to apologize bending in head. Rahul asks her to make salty food and says he will have food made by her after marriage. Meera says he is extra sweet.

Chachi asks him to go. Meera asks him to go else she will get angry. Abhi asks Dadiya to understand that if he gets married and spends time with his wife then he can’t give much time to his family. He says I haven’t thought about the future and says marriage seems not to be fine for me. Dadiya asks what is his problem. Abhi says when a guy gets married, he is overloaded with work. She tells that she forgot to tell that neighbor’s wife got a job in foreign and she is taking him. She asks him to either agree or choose a girl for marriage. Meera tells her dad why did she give her secrets to him..Shastri ji says I thought he is suitable for you. She argues.

Gacchu comes to drop Mausami and tells bye to her. He asks shall I go? Mausami asks him to come. Meera teases him. Shashtri ji tells that Mausami is happy and tells that her to be husband is good. Meera says Gacchu will be a good damad. Shastri ji tells that your mum wanted to see your marriage. Meera says you used to say that you will always be with my decision. He asks her to tell if she likes someone. Meera assays she wants neat and clean guy. Abhi says girl shall be like me. Meera says health conscious guy. Abhi says she shall be calm like mind. Meera shouts at her office place. She tells that she needs organized guy.


Chupke Chupke 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera says nobody shall ask her to marry. Someone shows her guys’ photos. Later Abhi and Meera come to the restaurant with their colleagues and their phones get exchanged

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