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Chupke Chupke 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera comes back home sad. Ganga says today you came early and asks if she is fine. Meera says yes. Saru says it seems like she has convinced Abhi to go on a honeymoon.. Meera says Abhi has applied for leave, but it is not confirmed. Meera calls Sanjay and asks why did you lie to Jassi sir that I need leave. Sanjay says I didn’t talk to him, how is he? Meera says she felt insulted by him and says Jassi told her not to cone until she is done with the honeymoon. She says everyone was looking at her weirdly. Meera tells Abhi that Jassi sir asked her not to return to office until she returns from honeymoon. Abhi laughs and says so if you don’t go on honeymoon then you can’t return to work. Meera says can we go for honeymoon? Abhi says che che….Meera says she is saying for his family.

Abhi asks how can we go and remind her of contract clauses. Meera looks on.

Matchmaker Bua comes home and asks Meera to do yoga. Meera says I will teach you tomorrow. Meera says if you do yoga in this, then your dress will spoil, says she will teach her tomorrow. Meera acts to wake up Abhi. Bua asks when they are going to honeymoon. She says relation get stronger with going on a honeymoon. Abhi says shall I brush my teeth.

Bua asks Sindhu to bring breakfast. She brings breakfast and asks where are remaining family member. Saru says they went for work. Bunty drops gravy bowl. Bua says it is inauspicious and scolds him. Meera makes tea for Bua. Bua asks when she is going to office. Abhi says she has a stomach pain and that’s why I asked her to take leave. Bua says if she is pregnant. Meera says he forgot and says she is having headache. Abhi says I will go from home. Meera asks him not to leave her with Bua. Abhi says why did you ask her to take tea. Meera asks him help her. Abhi says Bua is a aatank/terror and even Bunty will give up. Abhi says my trick will not work infront of Bua. She runs after him and calls him idiot. Bua smiles. Saru asks what happened? Bua says she is seeing the newly weds. Saru says they don’t want to go on honeymoon and says don’t know if honeymoon will happen or not. Bua gets an idea and goes to Meera. She goes to Meera and asks her not to read as new bride gets dark circles. Meera says she will call mummy ji. Bua says she is sleeping and says I came to know your truth. Meera is shocked.

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