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Chupke Chupke 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ila asks Meera if she is fine. Meera says yes, but she is nervous. Ila asks why? Meera says she is fine. Ila asks her not to keep larger than life’s expectation. Meera says she will keep mausami’s gift inside. She opens the box and sees modern outfit. Abhi asks if she is going to wear this and asks her to wear it. Meera asks him to shut up and gets angry on Mausami. Abhi and Meera get ready to go for honeymoon. Govind asks where is he going? They tease him. Abhi says he is looking smart. Gopal reminds him that he is going with his wife. Ganga asks them to call them once reach the place. Gopal says he will drop them. Sanjay offers to drop them. Meera says it is in opposite direction. Abhi says we got the cab. Govind says we will all go? Abhi says if you all come then our honeymoon will be stopped.

He says we want to start honeymoon from here. They agree.

Meera asks Abhi, where they are going? Cab driver says he will drop them to airport. She asks Abhi if they are really going. Abhi says no. They come to the resort. Meera argues with the cab driver and refuses to pay him money till airport. The Manager asks for ID proof, and is surprised to see Mumbai ID card. He asks why did he come when he has house in Mumbai. Abhi says they got bored so thought to stay in resort for some days, and tells that they were about to go but missed the flight. He gets a room.

Meera comes and asks for another room. She argues with the manager. Abhi asks him to give the room else she will fight. Manager gives the other room keys. Meera thinks she can stay peacefully alone now. She opens her bags and sees Abhi’s stuff, an calls room service. Room service man comes. Meera tells that she is drinking coffee, and tells that they are on airport and spilled coffee on her dress, ends the call. Room service guy hears her. Meera asks him to give clothes to Abhi. He says ok.

Room service guy come to Abhi and says Madam gave your clothes. He says I was surprised madam was throwing your stuff and saying bad things about you. Abhi is surprised and says even I get angry fast and asks him to repair the TV. Govind calls Abhi and says you would have relieved yourself at home. Abhi is surprised and says Meera is with him and they are going to sit in the flight. Govind says Meera said that it is delayed. Abhi says they are punctual and acts as if he is talking to Meera. Room service hears him and says he will send technician. Abhi asks him to go.


Chupke Chupke 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera says we got into problem while solving other’s problem. Abhi says there are many surprises ahead romAwasti family.