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Chupke Chupke 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abhi and Meera are in the resort restaurant. Meera appreciates Abhi for saving her and coming up with good idea. She says I am feeling so good. Abhi says but I have to go to office. Meera says you can get unwell. Abhi asks if she don’t want him to go. Meera says no. Abhi says he will bring wool so that she can make clothes. Meera says she doesn’t know stitching, but loves painting. Abhi says he is an abstract painter. Meera asks about his hobbies. Abhi sings song. Hotel staff guy see them laughing and says they pretend to fight. Meera sees the man staring at them and tells him that she is feeling strange here. Abhi says he will not tell anyone. Govind tells Sanjay that they must have left for kerala.

Meera tells Abhi that they got married because of Mausami and Dadiya. She says we got trapped while solving others’ life. Ganga tells that she hopes Abhi likes the food. Meera says we are far away from home and have celebrated too. Ganga says house is looking empty. Sanjay says my house became vacant since she left. Abhi looks at Meera. Meera asks if he want to fall in love with her.Abhi says no. He tells that his shaving cream is with her. She says good night. Resort staff come to manager and says there is something fishy with the new couple.

Manager says what to do? Staff guy says he have to find out. Abhi is going out and asks Meera if she is applying nail polish. He says he is going for office and asks if call comes from home what she will stay. Staff member comes there. Abhi asks Meera not to go anywhere until he returns. Meera says she can take care of herself.

Abhi tells staff member that she is a dayan etc. He says yes. Abhi says only I can call her Dayan, she is my wife. Jassi calls Meera and asks about the presentation. Meera says she will give him. He says I am not mad to call you from Kerala and asks her to mail the presentation.

Abhi comes to the office. Cuckoo asks why you are late. Abhi says he is just 40 seconds late. His colleague asks where is his car. Abhi says his car is gone for service. Cuckoo asks where is that service. Abhi makes excuses and says he got discount and talks about the presentation.
Manager and the staff member are doubtful about Meera. Staff member says he will return with proofs. Meera sees a lady and hides. She looks for the lady, but she is gone. Someone comes and pats on her shoulder.


Chupke Chupke 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi comes back. Meera hugs him. Abhi smiles. Sundar calls Meera and asks where is she? Meera says she is in Kerala.