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Chupke Chupke 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera sees Khurana aunty and is tensed. Someone keeps hand on her shoulder. She tells that they wanted to go for honeymoon, but Abhi didn’t get leave and they wanted to save money. She turns and sees some other woman. She says she is not Khurana and asks if she is tensed. Meera says she is missing a neighbor. She then gets Ila’s call and she asks her how is the hotel? Meera says everyone there are coconut trees and hotel is good. Vijay chachu takes call and asks her to bring kerala spices. Meera says ok. Vijay asks about Abhi. Meera says she will make him talk. Vijay says ok and says I will talk to him. Meera gets tensed and pretends to wake up Abhi. Ila comes and takes call from him, asking him to stop interview. She asks her to enjoy and ends the call.

Abhi is in office. Sundar asks why didn’t you get tiffin today. Abhi says he is bored to have house food daily. Sundar says Kajal told that you both are doing to honeymoon. Abhi says it is not like that. Cuckoo comes and asks him t o explain. Abhi says Kajal knows that we are going, but there is a change in plan. He says Meera lied to her. Sundar says he will fix his problem and calls Meera. He asks where is she? Meera says she is in Kerala, and came today itself. She asks him to talk to Abhi and ends call. Cuckoo asks something is wrong and asks you both are having honeymoon alone.

Abhi says he sent Meera in the morning and plan to go in the evening after meeting. Cuckoo asks which meeting. Abhi says he will tell and takes her to cabin. Later in the evening, Cuckoo offers to drop him home. He says he will go by himself and asks her why she wants to waste time. He says Meera might be waiting for him in Kerala and he has a flight to catch tomorrow and goes.

Abhi reaches the resort. Meera is waiting for him, runs to him and hugs him. Abhi gets happy and surprised. He asks are you ok? Meera says you took so much time and says she was getting worried. She says she was feeling lonely and was missing him. Abhi says I thought to go to friend’s party, but came home as our lie would have been caught. Manager comes and says it is good that you both patched up, and says he will shift their stuff in one room. Meera says not now and asks him to send food for them in the room.

Abhi tells Meera that when Sundar called her, phone was on loudspeaker and everyone heard the conversation. Meera says she said she is in Kerala. Abhi says I have handle the situation being smart and took leave from office. Meera says thank god. She tells Abhi that she told truth to Khurana aunty, but the woman turned out to be someone else. Abhi relaxes and asks what did she say then? Meera says she asked if you are missing your husband. Abhi says me. Meera says it was her thought. Abhi says lets have coffee. Staff member comes and says he will bring coffee. He informs Manager that there is something wrong between the couple.

Abhi tells Meera that he is having breakfast being relax for the first time. Meera asks what he will do today. Abhi says he will sleep. Meera says she will read books and says they would have gone to Kerala. Abhi says your rule doesn’t allow us. Waiter comes and tries to hear them. Meera gets angry on him and asks him to take coffee to her room. Meera comes to Abhi’s room and tells that she has read book and also watched film. Abhi thinks she is lying and asks which movie? Meera is silent. Abhi asks if the film was silent movie.

Abhi’s phone rings. Meera picks the call. Dadiya reminds Meera of her wish to see grand child. Meera simply laughs. Saru takes the call and asks about the place. Abhi says it is beautiful. Dadiya asks him to take pic and send to her. Abhi and Meera are worried.

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