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Chupke Chupke 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abhi tells Cuckoo that all answers are available on net. Cuckoo says why do I need you then. Abhi says because I am smart to find answers on the internet. Cuckoo asks him to find valid reasons for husband and wife’s fight. She says I read about a man whose wife thrown him out of house as he used to keep wet towel on bed. Abhi laughs and recalls Meera getting angry when he kept the towel on bed. He thinks they can fight because of this, but his family will not be satisfied. Cuckoo comes back and tells that all reasons are stupid, like who will make food in morning, and who takes kids to loo, etc…Abhi asks if this questions are silly. Cuckoo says it is right. She asks him to read the paper. She says milkman come at 6 am, and husband never gets up to take it. Abhi asks her to change the milk man or take packet milk later. Cuckoo says this answer is not good.

Ganga comes to Dadiya and tells that she is much worried. Dadiya asks what happened? Ganga says there is some problem between Abhi and Meera. She says meera didn’t tell her anything. Dadiya says Meera is clever. Ganga tells that she asked Meera when she will come and gets worried. Dadiya asks her to leave her worries and listen music.

Mausami thinks about Gajju. Gajju comes and tries to cheer her up. He tells that he brought something for her. She gets Meera’s call. Meera says she is coming tonight at home. Mausami says she is going out today and will come late. Gajju tells Mausami that they shall spend time in the house. Meera hears him and end the call.

In the evening, Kajal asks Meera to drop her. Meera says she is going to her dad’s house. Kajal asks if they have any fight. Meera thinks everyone wants us to fight. She tells her that Subruto called her. Kajal thinks he is on leave today. Dadiya calls Meera and asks when she is coming? Meera makes excuse and cuts the call. She thinks she is feeling guilty as Abhi refused her to tell anything.

Meera comes home and hears Sanjay asking Ila on phone to bring Vijay’s birthday cake. Meera says you would have asked me to bring. Sanjay says everything is planned and asks her to make dinner. Meera asks if he is taking her test. Sanjay says there is always a first time and says he is hungry. Abhi comes home. Govind asks where is Meera? Ganga says she is in office. Abhi thinks she shall ask properly. Govind says she must be working extra in office. Abhi says she fought with him and went to her mayka. Govind asks didn’t you try to stop her. Abhi says why shall I stop her, you wanted us to fight.

Ganga says if Meera don’t come. Abhi says you wanted us to fight and couldn’t see our happiness, go and tell everyone, go and distribute sweets. Ganga and Govind are shocked. Just then they get Sanjay’s call. Sanjay asks how are you? Govind says fine. Sanjay tells that Meera came to attend Vijay’s birthday party which they have kept. Govind is relieved. Abhi thinks what he told. Govind pulls Abhi’s ears and tells Abhi if he don’t feel ashamed to lie. He tells Ganga to wipe her tears and tells that Meera went to her house for her Chacha’s birthday. Abhi says he was joking with them. Govind asks them not to joke else their relation will become joke. Ganga says they seems to be stranger to each other. Abhi looks on.


Chupke Chupke 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi asks Meera to come and says he is feeling bored. She asks him to say please. Abhi says please. Meera comes home. Abhi thinks he missed her. Meera thinks even she missed him.