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Chupke Chupke 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saru, Ganga and Meera are in the kitchen. Meera sees Saru adding ghee in the dish, and stops her. Ganga asks her not to worry and says in ancient times, people used to eat ghee and that’s why they didn’t any calcium problem. She says refined oil is not good. Saru asks her to cut onions, and says she will make dal and says raita. Ganga says she will make. Meera tries to cut onion. Servant shows her how to cut onion rightly. Meera is cutting the onions. Ganga says I will cut and asks her to see the raita. She says it seems your Chachi didn’t let you enter kitchen. Meera says Vijay Chacha never let any woman enter kitchen and says I am a quick learner and will soon learn. Saru says I will train you 1 month and asks her to get ready. Ganga gives her bangles saying you made food for the first time.

Meera gets touched by her gesture and touches her feet. She thanks her. Ganga hugs her.

Meera gets ready in the saree. Saru comes and says you are looking really beautiful. Meera says can I carry this? Saru says Abhi will like it and tells husband likes all this. Meera says but. Saru says Abhi will get bowled over by your beauty today. She sets her hair style.

Abhi comes home and calls Ganga, asks her to serve him food. Meera comes and serves him puris. Abhi is surprised to see Meera in saree. Dadiya, Ganga and Saru looks from far. Abhi stares Meera surprisingly. Meera asks him not to stare her. She sits beside him. Dadiya, Ganga and Saru are happy. Abhi couldn’t take his eyes off her. She asks him to pass it. Abhi serves it and continues to stare her. Meera says I thought you are hungry. Abhi have the food. Dadiya is happy.

In the room, Abhi tells Meera that she was looking beautiful and says you have fulfilled my family’s wish well. Meera says Saru Chachi helped her and everyone is supporting. She says Ganga is doubting on them. Abhi says we have to convince them that we are happy and then they will give us space. He says from today our mission is to look married.

Next morning, Meera comes to kitchen and asks Ganga, shall I help. Saru asks if you got sleep or not. Meera feels shy. Ganga says today my bahu is looking different. Divya chachi teases her. Meera asks what we will have in food. Ganga asks what do you want to have. Meera says whatever Abhi likes. Divya asks Meera what they do for adv. Meera tells her about the publicity. She asks her to publicize their hing. Sanjay misses Meera and gets emotional. Dadiya asks meera if she is going late to office. Meera says she has taken off. Abhi says even I have taken off. The family teases them. Meera gets shy and is going towards room and collides with Banke. Juice falls on her. Meera asks Banke to relax and goes to change her dress. Abhi asks shall I come. Meera says no. Everyone laughs.

Abhi holds Meera’s hand and tells her that everyone is sure that everything is fine between us, but not mom. He says we have to do Solid gesture for mom to convince her and says I love you Meera, and hugs her. Sanjay comes there. Abhi sees him and says your Papa came. Meera gets happy and hugs him. Abhi cares for Meera infront of everyone and asks her to have tea and biscuit. Meera asks him to behave. Dadiya tells that Abhi couldn’t see others. She asks why did Vijay and Ila came. Sanjay says I came here as I was missing her. Dadiya asks him to have food. He refuses and gives gift to Meera. Meera says why gift again. Sanjay asks her to open it. She checks the frock and says you have kept this dress even now. She says you bought this when I was 4 years old and says since then it is my favorite dress. Sanjay says I was missing you and that’s why came. Dadiya says you will understand when you become parents. Ganga signs Abhi to pacify her. He holds her.


Chupke Chupke 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Abhi and Meera come to Dadiya. Ankita takes Meera out and says Abhi wants to talk something serious to Dadiya. Ankita then calls Saru and says she left them in park. They come home and see light off.