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Chupke Chupke 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera runs to Sanjay’s house and asks Ila where is Dad? Ila asks what is the fast/vrat matter. Meera says you lied to call me. Ila says else you wouldn’t have come. Meera says she kept fast for Ganga’s belief and tells that she is worried for him. She asks Ila not to lie again. Ila says she will not. Meera asks who told you about my fast. Ila says some Preetam pyaare called. Ganga tells Dadiya that some Preetam Pyaare called and asked Abhi to take care of Meera. She gets worried.

Saru tells Hari that she heard that some Preetam Pyaare called Abhi and called Meera’s family also. Sindhu is shocked to know from Ankita about Preetam Pyaare and called Saru also. Sindhu is shocked. Hari asks Govind about Preetam pyaare. Govind asks who gave you info. Hari asks him to think who is this paheli.

Bua tells Ganga that today is tiring, she went to Sharma’s house. She tells Ganga about Meera’s college. Ganga says it was some good name. Bua says you didn’t know about her female and male friends. Ganga says she is very nice girl. Bua asks who is Preetam Pyaare? Ganga says even we didn’t know and wants to know. She says Sharma ji’s wife told me that her bahu used to talk secretly. She tells that Preetam Pyaare is Meera’s boyfriend. Ganga is shocked.

She comes to Abhi and says she wants to talk to him. Abhi asks her to say. Ganga says I can’t tell you infront of Meera. Abhi asks are you talking about havan or puja. Ganga says Bua ji said that preetam pyaare is Meera’s boyfriend. Meera hears her and thinks she don’t trust me. Abhi asks Ganga to put full stop on her thoughts and ends the matter. She says she didn’t have any boyfriend in past, and if she had then also we can’t change her past. Meera smiles and says I am amazed, he trusts me. Abhi tells Ganga that he trusts her and asks her not to doubt her.

Ganga goes. Meera comes to room. Abhi asks what happened? Meera says nothing. He says if you want to share something then you can share. Meera thanks him and says there is nothing. Abhi asks if you have any boyfriend. Meera says I am keeping fast for you and you don’t care if I have boyfriend or not. Abhi says I didn’t mean that and says you are angry unnecessarily. He thinks if Meera hide that she had a boyfriend. He asks her to sleep on bed and says he will sleep on couch. Meera says you are unwell. Abhi says he is fine now. Meera asks why is he behaving coldly. Abhi says there is nothing. Meera says really? Abhi says you didn’t tell me that you had any boyfriend. Meera says she didn’t hide anything from him. Abhi asks about him. Meera tells that he was in college. Abhi asks her to switch off lights and not to give explanation. Meera cries and feels bad.

Next day, Meera comes to office and feels alone. Neeraj comes and gives her water. Meera thanks him. Neeraj asks her not to lower their friendship with thanks. He tells poetry to cheer her up and asks why is she crying? Meera says there is nothing. Neeraj asks her to share her pain. Meera says nothing. Neeraj says I am like a street who unites with sea, your talks and secret will be saved with me. Meera says because of one person, my life is shaken up fully. Neeraj says are you talking about Abhi. Meera says not Abhi, but Preetam Pyaare. She says he has brought big storm in my life and asks him to find out about him. Neeraj promises her.


Chupke Chupke 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay tells Abhi that he saw love in Meera’s eyes for him. Abhi thinks I don’t know why I am thinking about him and don’t know if that love is for me or….Meera and Abhi argue. Abhi says our contract is going to over soon. Meera says I can’t believe that you are talking to me like this. Abhi says I can’t believe that you are hiding things from me.

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