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Chupke Chupke 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abhi and Meera take their selfies standing on the beach all day. Govind tells Dadiya that Abhi and Meera are happy and were having coconut water. Ganga says I am now relieved. Dadiya says may be she will give us good news after coming home. Ganga says we are worried for them, and they are enjoying there. Dadiya says she doesn’t know how much time is left for her and asks Ganga to take her place in house. She asks them not to call Meera and Abhi on videocall, but then asks him to enquire about the sweet there. Meera and Abhi watch pics and videos. Meera says she will edit the pics. Abhi asks why she is feeling shy? Meera says something you can’t understand. She says now we know each other. She says you are friend material. They take selfie.

Abhi and Meera come to the south Indian restaurant and take food pics. He says lets go to north Indian restaurant. Meera asks him to try once. Abhi says ok, and says he will have food in north Indian restaurant. Meera tells him to develop taste and feels pity on him. Abhi argues with her. South Indian man comes there and says I know you are honeymoon couple and tells that couple argues while trying to know each other. Abhi asks who are you? Man says he is restaurant owner. He asks from where did he come? Abhi says they came from Mumbai. He asks why as they are in Mumbai.

Abhi cooks up a fake story. Man cries and says there is nothing to worry. He asks do you want to make pics, videos of Kerala. Meera says Ji Anna. Owners gets emotional and asks her to call him Anna. He asks them not to worry and says your anna will set up Kerala here. He calls his waiters and waitresses and tells them something. They bring Meera and Abhi wearing south Indian clothes. Owner takes their pics. Abhi and Meera take pics with them. Abhi thanks Anna and asks him to take the money. Owner refuses to take money from his sister and says how can I take money from my sister.

He takes the money from Abhi and gives to Meera as a marriage gift. He says I felt good as you came. He says I am sad that you people couldn’t go to Kerala. Meera says we have gone. Anna says you made me fool. Meera says I didn’t mean that, whatever you have done is priceless. She says we have seen Kerala from your view and says we came to know that Kerala has a big heart men too. Anna asks Abhi to take care of his sister and says he has sent their stuff to room. Meera and Abhi leave.

Abhi and Meera tell each other that they have managed to shot the video. Abhi says he wants to say something and says leave it. Meera asks him to say. He says you are looking very beautiful. Meera asks if he fell in love for her. Abhi says no and asks her to learn to take compliments. He asks her to leave his hand and reminds the rule. Meera says you are bad and thinks he is not that bad. Abhi also thinks she is good. They smile.


Chupke Chupke 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Manager of the resort comes to Abhi and Meera’s room with Police. Manager tells that Meera seems to be from good family but. Abhi gets angry and asks him to mind his language.

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