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Chupke Chupke 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Next morning, Meera wakes up and moves the curtains. She smiles Abi also smiles. He recalls Meera telling him that if they fight then their love will get increased. Meera looks at the rain drops and smiles. Abhi also smiles. Meera gets scared with the sudden thunderstorm sound and shouts Abhi. Abhi asks are you fine? Meera says yes. He asks her to tell first. Meera asks him to complete what she was saying. Abhi tells her that it is not a big matter that they sleep together. Meera says I was asking your back pain. Abhi says it is also better. Meera asks what? Chori chori chupke chupke plays…..Abhi says small things do happen in big cities. Meera says ok Raj. Abhi says yes Simran. He thinks it is a strange feeling. Meera thinks we are friends. Abhi also thinks same. Meera laughs.

Bunty sings song in the kitchen and tells Saru that a girl Sapna from her village and says bahus wake up early than saas. Saru says she will give coffee to Meera. Bunty says he will give. Saru says they will wake up and come. Bunty says this is saas wali baat. Saru says I am her friend. Bunty says even saas can be friend.

Meera looks herself in the mirror and gives compliments to herself. She applies kajal in her eyes. Abhi compliments her kohl eyes. Meera says ok. He stands up, feels pain and is about to fall. Meera runs to hold him. They have an eye lock. She makes him sit and gives pillow. Abhi thinks if Meera is….and thinks this can’t happen.

Ganga and Saru are working in kitchen. Ganga asks if Meera haven’t woke up till now. Saru says she might have slept late after taking care of Abhi. Meera comes and smiles. Saru asks if there is something. Meera says no. Saru asks for salt. Meera gives her sugar. Saru asks why you are blushing early morning. Meera says nothing. Saru asks how is Abhi? Meera says she came to get tea for him. Saru and Ganga teases him. Meera blushes and takes tea for Abhi.

Ganga comes to Govind. Govind says he is making special kada for Abhi. He says don’t know what happened to him suddenly. Ganga says she is very happy today. She tells that she saw Meera blushing today and says she thought there is a sweet relation between them. She says Meera has a shyness on her face like that of a newly bride face. Govind is happy too and says yesterday you was worried and now you are happy.

Meera brings tea for Abhi and gives to him. He thanks her and asks her to sit. Meera smiles. Abhi asks why she is smiling? Meera says it is about an office matter. She says we will call doctor. Abhi says I will be fine soon. Meera is adamant to call doctor and asks him not to do drama.


Chupke Chupke 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganga tells Meera that she wants to show her kundli to pandit ji. Abhi asks Meera not to worry. Meera thinks to talk to Dadiya.

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