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Chupke Chupke 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abhi calls Meera and asks why did you forget the lines and says Saru was making you remember the lines. Meera gets angry on him for staying silent. He says he was in character. Meera is upset with him. Abhi asks her to keep up the fighting spirit and says they will fight with same enthusiasm at home. He asks her to say I am fed up of you. They practice to fight over phone. Neeraj hears her and asks her to tell what happened? Meera says she can’t share. Neeraj tells Kajal that Meera is hiding her pain. Kajal says she was smiling and happy. Neeraj says she was talking to someone probably Abhi. Kajal says I couldn’t understand her. Neeraj thinks mission Abhishek…

In the morning, Abhi wakes up and looks at Meera’s lovingly. Meera thinks about the rule and thinks we shouldn’t look at each other with love. Abhi says she is looking cute. Meera gets angry on him for waking up late and says we had planned to fight together. Abhi says he will freshen up, have breakfast and then fight. Abhi comes out of washroom and says lets fight. Meera says we will have coffee first. Abhi says we are understanding and give space to each other then when we will fight. Meera says your family shall believe that our fight is real.

Bunty comes to Dadiya and asks why do they want them to fight. Dadiya says we want to make sure that they love each other or not. She asks him to go and bring hot news.

At the breakfasts table, Abhi shouts at Meera looking at the methi paratha. Meera says it is good. Abhi says ghee is not added in it. Meera asks him to relax. Abhi pretends to shout. He silently asks why she is not shouting. Ganga hears them and says it is made by me. Meera tells that Abhi is upset since morning. Ganga says your dad had 10 parathas. Meera says potatoes parathas are good. Ganga says it is meethi paratha.

Meera comes to Ganga and asks her to sit. She asks why you both need excuses to fight. Meera tells her that they give space to each other and respect each other work. She asks her not to worry. Ganga says you both go to watch films or on outing. She says Abhi didn’t bring any flower for you. Meera says she is allergic to flowers. Ganga says you are unromantic. Meera says Abhi brought hair dryer for her. Ganga asks if everything is fine. Meera says they have a good understanding and that’s why don’t fine.

Ganga says if you both continue giving space to each other then it will become a valley. She says husband and wife have the right to fight, love, argue etc. Meera thinks she said right, marriage is not a game. Abhi and Meera collide with each other. They stare each other.


Chupke Chupke 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neeraj comes to Abhi’s office. Abhi asks Sherley to drop him home. Neeraj hears him and calls Meera.