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Chupke Chupke 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera shows the pics to Abhi and says nobody can find out that we didn’t go to Kerala. She says she wants to see everyone’s expressions and says these pics are so realistic. Abhi is sad. Meera asks what happened? Abhi says he is feeling guilty. Meera says we are not harming them. Abhi says we have betrayed them emotionally, and playing with their emotions. Manager and the waiter hear them. Meera says it is a matter of some days and then everything will be fine. She says whenever I feel guilty, I see Mausami’s happy face and feel better thinking atleast she is happy. Abhi asks when she is getting married. Waiter says they are talking about marriage. Meera says don’t know. Manager and Waiter knock on the door. Abhi opens the door and see manager, waiter and inspector standing.

Inspector asks what is his planning? Abhi asks what? Meera says there is some misunderstanding and asks him to understand. Inspector tries to talk to her in English, but couldn’t. Waiter says it is unfair on her part to talk to you in English. Manager says they are fraud and acting to be husband and wife. Inspector asks are you married? Abhi and Meera say yes. Manager says they stay in separate rooms. Waiter says they lie even on phone and tells that they are in Kerala. Inspector asks if there is something wrong. Manager says they are bunty and babli. Inspector says I am searching you since long. Abhi asks if he was traffic constable before.

Inspector says yes and sees his face. He says you have troubled me a lot. Meera asks we are not bad people. Inspector says what an acting and asks her to come to police station. Meera says she is Meera. Abhi says we are husband and wife. Inspector asks them to come to police station. Manager says don’t know how such people come in the hotel, she seems good girl though and asks Inspector to take them. Abhi gets angry and scolds the manager for misbehaving with Meera. Inspector gets angry. Abhi shows his ID cards. Abhi asks Meera if you have any marriage proof. Abhi shows marriage certificate on phone.

Inspector asks him to give phone number. Abhi gives landline number. Servant picks the call. Inspector asks if this is Abhi Awasthy’s house. Servant says yes. Inspector asks about his wife. Servant says Meera. Inspector cuts the call and tells Abhi that he has a doubt, and asks why they are staying in separate rooms.. Abhi takes him to side and tells that they thought to bring some good change in life to bring freshness in their marriage and asks him to take his wife out. Inspector says ok. Abhi asks him to apologize to Meera as she was insulted. Inspector says sorry to Meera. Meera says its ok.

Manager apologizes to Meera and says it is a big blunder. He apologizes to her on his staff behalf. Abhi says we are done with this place and is leaving. Manager asks Meera to make him understand. Meera says this is how you are treated your customers. Waiter asks her to listen and says once he had a wife, but she left him. He says whenever someone behaves strangely I get worried. He asks Meera not to leave Abhi. He apologizes to them. Meera agrees to forgive him on a condition and asks him to bring coffee whenever she asks for. Waiter agrees.

Abhi says coffee is good today and asks her to drink. Meera thanks him and says she couldn’t forget whatever they said. Abhi says shall I go and beat them. Meera says leave it. Abhi says he is a boxing champion. Meera asks what else you will do to cheer me up. Abhi says he wants her to be happy and smiling always. Meera says if anyone else would have been on my place then she would have cried. Abhi acts and says Pushpa I hate tears. Meera asks him to sleep as they have to go for shopping. Abhi says they have to go to parlour too. They smile.


Chupke Chupke 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saru and Gopal come to the restaurant. Abhi and Meera see them. Saru also sees him. Later Meera sees Mrs. Khurana when she was shopping.

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