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Chupke Chupke 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saru and Gopal come to the resort restaurant where Abhi and Meera are staying. Waiter comes and asks what do you want to have. Gopal asks him to bring Chinese. Waiter asks from where did you come? Gopal says Thane. Waiter asks when did you elope from jail. Gopal says strange man and asks him to bring hakka noodles and soup. Waiter doubts on him. Gopal says we have to tell him truth.

Abhi tells Meera that he will wake up peacefully in the morning. Meera says she is happy with him as he supported her, but asks him to go to room. Abhi says they shall have a coffee. Meera says ok. Abhi orders coffee. Gopal tells waiter that they stay in a joint family and have two daughters, but don’t have privacy. They thought to come for outing and have food. Waiter says everyone has a reason for their actions and I shall not doubt, and says Meera ji said this. Saru asks if you know Meera. Waiter says she came here with Abhi.

Gopal says he might be telling about someone else, and asks waiter to bring food. He goes. Gopal and Saru romance with each other. Meera and Abhi talk about their chacha. Abhi says Gopal sings song for Saru. They hear Gopal singing song. Abhi says I will check and looks out from the window. Gopal and Saru talk to each other and says Abhi and Meera gave them honeymoon feel. He says Govind brings gajra for Ganga. Saru says Hari and Sindhu went for dinner last night. Abhi is shocked. Saru gets up as she sees Abhi. Meera pulls him inside. Abhi says if they saw us. Saru and Gopal tell that they saw Abhi. Waiter says that is Sinha’s room, he is 60 years old and gives them bill.

Meera comes to Abhi’s room and asks him to wake up. He is still sleeping. Meera thinks she would have taken him to shopping if not bothered by her values. She goes to shopping alone. She sees Mrs. Khurana on the road. She follows her. Meera runs. Khurana aunty calls her Meera. Meera says she is Sangeeta Subramaniam. Khurana aunty asks when did you come. Meera says she is Sangeeta and is life insurance agent. She asks if she wants to have policy. She says if you die today then your family will get money. Khurana aunty says she will not die and runs saying she is not interested in policy. Meera tries to convince her Mrs. Khurana refuses to listen and takes her pic.

Meera comes back to resort. Abhi asks if everything fine. Meera laughs. He gives her water. Meera says you won’t believe what happened today. She says she met Khurana aunty today. Abhi is shocked. Meera says even my expression was same. Abhi says you got dream again. Meera says it is reality this time. Abhi laughs vanishes and he asks what did she ask? Meera tells him everything.

Mrs. Khurana comes to Sanjay’s house and tells that she saw Meera today. Ila, Vijay and Sanjay are shocked. Mrs. Khurana tells that Meera said that she is Sangeeta and refused to know me. Ila says she might be Sangeeta only. Mrs. Khurana says she saw Meera only and asks why I will lie. She says she was asking me to buy insurance policy. Ila says you are mistaken. Sanjay gets doubtful. Mrs. Khurana shows the pic and says she took her photo thinking they will not believe her. Sanjay says what is happening. Abhi asks Meera to give his phone.


Chupke Chupke 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi says we will go tomorrow. Meera asks him to go and let her stay peacefully. Later she feels bored.

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