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Chupke Chupke 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sanjay says when I call that hotel, I was informed that they are not in that hotel. Vijay says they said that they have changed the hotel and we shall not doubt on her. Mausami comes and sees pic. She says this is Meera as they have brought this tshirt together. Sanjay gets the pics sent by Abhi with message that they are having fun at Alleppey.

He replies them asking them to enjoy. Abhi says it is simple and says he likes me. Meera asks him not to be happy. Abhi says what to do, panic like you. Meera says it is all your fault. Abhi asks her to tell that it was all his fault. Meera says yes. Abhi says we are 50, 50 partners. He says we agreed to come here as you couldn’t go to office. She says your plan is cheap and we get trapped because of our over confidence. Abhi says you are arrogant.

They get angry. Meera leaves from his room.

Ila looks at Meera’s pic and says Khurana can’t be happy with others happiness. Mausami says we had brought that dress together and the girl is same like Meera. Sanjay says sometimes people words make us think. Ila asks him not to think that. Mausami asks if Meera has a twin sister. Vijay says she was lost in the Kumbh mela. Mausami asks why didn’t you tell me.

Later Abhi comes to Meera’s room and knocks on her door. Meera is packing the stuff. Abhi asks you are packing the stuff and asks if she is going out. Meera asks why he wants to know. Abhi says I am just asking. Meera says we are not really married, and tells that she is going to the place where she couldn’t see him and his chacha and chachi. Abhi asks her not to get angry. Meera asks him to go and says else you will get coffees one by one. Abhi says I thought we are friends. Meera says never. Abhi says it was my mistake to talk to you politely. Meera asks why did you come? Abhi says I am fool and shall not talk to you. Meera asks him to get out.

Govind makes Dadi have the tablet and asks her to have tablet. He says now we are relieved as Abhi got married. Dadi says when Abhi She will become dad, you will be more happy.

Meera gets bored and thinks why did he fight without any reason, and then gets angry on herself too. She thinks I get scared, but handles the problems being smart. She wonders what to do. She calls Dadiya and tells about her fight with Abhi. Dadiya tells her that both of them are equally responsible and says fight is the ingredient of a family life. She asks her to go and patch up with him. Meera says she don’t want to patch up with him. Dadiya asks her to give call to Abhi. Meera says she is in lobby and will give call to Abhi.

Meera goes to Abhi’s room and knocks on the door. Abhi says you came to patch up and asks her to say sorry. Meera says Dadiya is on call. Abhi takes call and asks oh my darling, how are you? Dadiya says Meera is your darling and scolds him. Abhi says Meera must have told you about our fight. Dadiya asks him to patch up with Meera and says sorry. Dadiya says it is my order and ends the call. Abhi says sorry. Meera says sorry and says she is saying from heart. Abhi says we shall go out. Meera asks him to come for shopping for his family. Abhi says ok.


Chupke Chupke 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopal Chacha tells Abhi and Meera that he saw Abhi like guy in the resort restaurant. Abhi says Saru Chachi was with you. Gopal asks how do you know? Abhi and Meera are tensed

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