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Chupke Chupke 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Chupke Chupke 23rd May 2017 on

Saraswati chichi introduces Govind, Ganga, Gopal, Hari, Indu and Ankita. Mausami says they are Meera’s family. Dadiya tells that this is their ancestral house made by her husband. Ganga says when our kids have decided, then our meeting is just a formality. Ila chachi tells that joint family are rare and they felt good meeting them. Saru says we are in joint family, but gives space to everyone. Dadiya tells Abhi that girl is good. Meera’s dad invites them to his house. Dadiya says we will surely come and says lets decide where to get the marriage done. Ankita says destination wedding. Meera and Abhi see each other.

Meera calls Abhi. Abhi says you are following rule to call late at night. He says everyone is talking about you. Meera says here also same. He asks her to sleep. Abhi sees Ankita on the door and signing him to say I love you. He says I love you. Meera feels strange and smiles.

Ganga and Saru making list of guests. Dadiya asks them to talk to Abhi and Meera first about the guest. Ganga says she called Pandit ji home and he will take out mahurat seeing the kundli. She calls Meera’s dad and asks about his kundli. Meera’s dad says they didn’t make kundli. Ganga asks him to give details and says they will make kundli. Meera’s dad tells that when his wife got labor pains, she shouted and took Abhi’s name and says weather was good at that time. Ganga laughs and asks what was the time. Ila Chachi tells Meera’s dad that she made kundli online and will send them. Ganga says ok. Meera’s dad worries if kundlis will match. Ila asks him not to worry.

Pandit ji tells that girl is nice and they have 2 kids yog. Abhi smiles and says first get the marriage date. Govind says it is mahurat. Pandit ji tells that their qualities are matching, but there is something strange. Ganga asks if my Abhi’s life is in danger. Dadiya asks her to let Pandit ji say. Pandit ji gets a call and gets shocked, says I will come there. Abhi asks what happened? Pandit ji tells that his son have fallen down the cycle and says he will come in the evening. Abhi goes to drop him. Ganga is worried.

Meera comes home and tells that Jassi uncle sent her home asking to make marriage arrangements. She gets Abhi’s call and he says he wants to discuss about the kundli. Meera’s dad takes the call and says we will come. Abhi tells that he has to go home. Cuckoo asks where is that Abhi who used to work nonstop and says he is changing. She asks if he believes on all this. Abhi says we can’t ask our parents to grow up and asks her to manage. Cuckoo asks who will do the work. Abhi says who played the cupid. Sundar says I…Cuckoo asks him to save energy and finish all files.
At Abhi’s house. Ganga is restless. Meera and her dad comes there. Her dad tells that they don’t believe on kundlis matching etc. Abhi says it is mum’s shraddha.

Pandit ji comes and apologizes. He praises Abhi. Ganga asks him about kundlis. Pandit jis says I have brought it and says kundlis are good. Ganga says you were saying something else in the morning. Pandit ji says we will keep mata ki chowki to make budh alright. Meera checks the kundli and says my birthday is on 30th and not 31st. Abhi gets tensed. Ganga asks what? Meera says my birth time is right. Dadi says these things happen sometimes. Meera’s dad says that he didn’t do mistake. Govind asks him to tell truth. Meera’s dad shows that they have sent mail to them and it is 30th there. Pandit ji says your son is humble and good and apologizes, says he told me that it is love matter, and goes. Everyone give him a scary look.


Chupke Chupke 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganga scolds Abhi and says she doubted on Meera and her father. Gopal tells him that his marriage arrangements begun. Later meera tells Abhi that they shall end everything right here. Abhi is shocked.

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