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Chupke Chupke 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pandit ji tells that Dadiya told that whoever wants to keep fast, they can. Ganga asks if she can fast instead of Meera. Bua says Meera shall fast. Pandit ji says you can fast, but I can’t tell that you will succeed. He leaves. Bua tells Ganga that Meera shall keep the fast. Ganga says no, I will keep this fast for my son and it will be successful. Meera hears her and comes to Abhi. She asks if you are happy. Abhi says ofcourse. Meera says mummy ji is keeping the fast now. Abhi asks her to call Ganga. Meera says now she will not listen to them. Abhi says she will not refuse you. Meera says I can’t argue over her emotional connection with you. Abhi asks her to call her. Meera brings Ganga to Abhi. Abhi asks her to listen and asks her not to keep fast and gives his promise. Ganga says your promise will not work on me. Abhi says you are aging now and can’t fast. Ganga is adamant on her decision and goes.

Meera looks sad. Abhi says who made this fasting concept. He says everyone will get worried for her. Meera says why nobody listens. Abhi asks her to get habituated and says it is mere matter of some days. Meera says yes.

She comes to Dadiya. Dadiya says you made your saas keep the fast. Sindhu says once she has decided then she will keep the fast. Dadiya says it is our trust and devotion, if she wants then let her keep the fast. Sindhu asks her to make her understand once. Meera nods. She thinks she hates to be in this situation. She gets Mausami’s call. Mausami asks you are sounding weird. Meera asks her to tell why she called. Mausami asks about Abhi. Meera says he is fine, doctor prescribed medicine for him. She asks about Gajodhar. Mausami says she is keeping fast for Gajodhar, first he refused, but then he got happy. She asks if she is keeping fast. Meera says she is not pressurize to keep the fast. Mausami asks her not to tell anyone that she is fasting and ends the call.

Abhi talks to Meera and says he wants to thank her for doing so much for him, and says he is feeling guilty. Meera says once you gets fine, I will not do this. He asks what you are thinking. Meera says mausami are keeping fast for Gajodhar. Abhi says they are lovers and it is cute. Meera says if we have love each other then do you want me to keep fast. Abhi says then also I don’t want you to fast. Meera thinks Abhi cares of her so much.

Bua asks Dadiya to listen to her and says Meera shall keep the fast, but Ganga kept the fast. Ganga is about to faint. They hold her and make her sit on sofa. Bua brings something. Dadiya asks her to have something. Ganga says she has kept fast for Abhi’s good health. Dadiya says he is fine and tells Ganga that she is sugar patient. Bua says nobody listens to her. Dadiya asks her to have sugar to make her sugar level fine. Meera comes and asks Ganga what happened? Dadiya asks her to bring apple slices. Meera goes to kitchen and thinks she won’t let her keep the fast, and thinks to keep fast herself. Bua tells Dadiya that if they got Abhi married to a traditional girl of her choice then this wouldn’t have happen. She says then Ganga wouldn’t have got unwell. Meera comes and asks Bua not to worry about Ganga, and says she will keep the fast for Abhi without worrying about his consent. Dadiya asks Ganga to have apple.


Chupke Chupke 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi tells Abhi that he is against fasting. Meera says if she don’t keep fast then Ganga will fast and get unwell. Abhi says he will not have food if Meera stays hungry. Later Meera tells him that if he don’t have food then she will leave the house right away. Abhi asks what I will do without you. Meera looks on.

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