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Chupke Chupke 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sanjay is worried for Meera and says she should have come here. Ila asks him to have food. Sanjay says he will not have food until she comes here. She calls Meera and asks about the trip. Meera says good and tell that she will have food and come. Ila says ok.

Meera gives gift to Dadiya and Bunty.. Dadiya asks about the good news. Meera says goddess came in her dream and asked them to focus on career. Dadiya asks her to call her when Goddess comes again. Meera and Abhi come to Sanjay’s house. Ila says he didn’t have food or medicine. Mausami praises the laddoo made by Govind. Meera asks him to have medicines. Sanjay asks about the places which they visited. Abhi says all good. Sanjay catches his lie, bu Meera handles the situation. Ila comes to Meera that honeymoon talk makes person shy. Meera laughs.

Mausami comes and says Abhi looks good and asks what happened there. Meera scolds her politely. She gives gift for Gaccha, Dada and Mausami. Mausami gets happy. Ila asks are you fine? Meera says yes.

They are about to leave. Sanjay says he wants to ask something and says that masala packet have Mumbai’s address. Abhi says it is exported from Mumbai. Meera says globalization, Sanjay tells Meera that Khurana aunty saw girl like her. Meera says she used to tell that SRK visit her home. Sanjay says she is having your pic. Meera says it is a misunderstanding. Abhi invites Sanjay to come to his house. Mrs. Khurana comes and tells Meera that he yearns to meet her. Meera tells that they went to honeymoon. Sanjay says you were telling about pic.

Abhi asks Meera if she is of same age as Mrs. Khurana. Mrs. Khurana says Meera is younger than me. Abhi asks her to take tips for Meera. Meera tells Abhi that they shall leave. Mrs. Khurana asks Sanjay if he still remembers about her old pic.

Gopal, Saru and others watches their pic. Saru asks why they are standing far from each other. They check the pics. Gopal teases Ganga. Ganga tells them that Govind slipped on the beach, but he managed to hold him. They laugh. Gopal tells them that they would have gone to Rajastan and says Saru danced morni dance there. Meera asks about Sindu and Hari. Govind says they must be admiring your gifts. Meera smiles.


Chupke Chupke 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhu scolds Hari for pointing mistake in the gift and says they have given with so much love. Hari shares with Govind about his doubt. Govind come to meera and abhi’s room and says that they came to know about the truth.