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Chupke Chupke 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ankita thanks Meera for the gift and asks what you have done in honeymoon. Aditi tells that she told her that honeymoon is a long holiday after marriage. Meera teases her. Aditi says I watch films and know what happens in honeymoon. She asks why didn’t you take us. Abhi comes and asks Meera to answer. Aditi asks did you take care of Abhi there? Abhi asks her to go and study. Aditi goes. Abhi and Meera laughs. Bunty tells Dadiya that his wife is in village. Dadiya says many people have their wives in village. He asks her to call his wife here so that he can go on honeymoon with her. Dadiya asks him to bring halwa kept in fridge. Bunty agrees. Abhi comes there and asks Dadiya not to have sweets. Dadiya says she has a sweet tooth. Abhi says you have sugar also and asks her to sleep.

Dadiya asks what he did during his outing. He says it was good, but he missed her. Dadiya asks him not to tell Saru and Ganga, else they will be jealous. Hari gets doubtful about the gift. Sindhu asks him not to doubt and says they brought with so much love. Ganga praises Meera as she likes the gift brought by her. She says I was judgemental for her and says she thought she can’t adjust as she came from nuclear family. Govind says that’s why they go to honeymoon. Hari comes to Govind and tells something.

Abhi asks Meera why she is upset. If anyone told her anything. Meera says Dad was behaving like a small kid and says that’s why she don’t want to marry. Abhi says because of dad. Meera says no because of me. She says she can’t leave Dad alone and says he don’t have food on time and don’t worry about himself, increases his sugar and BP. Abhi says Dadiya steals sweets and eats. Meera says Dadiya…surprisingly. Abhi asks her to spy on her. Meera says no. Abhi tells her that she has won everyone’s heart by giving them gifts. Meera says she genuinely gifted them with her heart as they have taken care of her well. Abhi feels guilty to doubt her intentions. Meera is upset.

Sanjay looks at Meera’s pic in her room and gets emotional. Ira asks what happened? Sanjay tells her that whenever he sees Meera with Abhi, he feels strange. Ila asks what? Sanjay says I am happy seeing her happy, but can’t digest the fact that she is happy without him. Ila says there are many members here and asks him to think about Mausami’s marriage. Sanjay says I like Gajju now, but might hate him later. Ila says we will not get bored after her marriage and will enjoy.

Abhi apologizes to Meera and asks for forgiveness. He tries to cheer her up. Meera says she don’t have any yellow suit. Abhi says he wants to just cheer her up. Meera asks him to get up and sleep on sofa. Abhi says liar and asks her to sleep on sofa now. Just then Govind and others knock on the door. Meera opens the door. Govind says we have realized that you lied to us. Abhi and Meera are shocked and get tensed. They think they were unaware that truth will come out so soon. Govind says this is betrayal. Abhi says what I would have told. Govind says we are upset as Meera supported Abhi. Gopal says that hotel booking was gone. Meera asks them to go so that the package don’t go waste. They laugh.


Chupke Chupke 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera is welcomed by her boss. Later Ganga thanks her for sending them for honeymoon and taking up house responsibilities.

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