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Chupke Chupke 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abhi is at home and ties belt around his waist. Neeraj asks Meera to have tea. Meera says she don’t want to have tea. Neera j says he will bring sugar free tea. Meera shouts at him. Neeraj asks her to have water and says it don’t contain calories. Meera asks him to finish tagline. Abhi calls her and says he was missing her. Meera says she can’t come back home now. Abhi says he is worried about her and asks her to have something. Meera says I am fine and ends the call. He gives her promise and asks her to eat. Meera says if she feels hungry then she will have food. Abhi insists. Meera says no means no and ends the call. Neeraj hears her talking angrily, and drinks water. He thinks she is not eating as Abhi forced her not to eat, and thinks he is so cruel.

At home, Meera tells Abhi that she will take revenge from him while counting. Abhi says he just wants to see her happy. He feeds her food. Meera says it is your turn. Abhi says jo hukum mere aaqa..Meera says she is reminded of her friends. Abhi says he don’t fall in love. Meera says love just happens. Abhi asks really. She says really. He feeds her food and says it is for Mausami. Meera says she is fasting and refuses. It turns out to be Meera’s dream. Jassi says puttar and says you are dreaming about him. Meera says Abhi no no…..Jassi asks what happened? Meera says there is a meeting now and tells that she couldn’t sleep last night. Jassi teases her. Meera says it is enough. Neeraj makes the tagline. Meera calls Dadiya and asks if she took medicine. Dadiya says yes. Meera asks her to ask Saru if Arya did her homework or waiting for her. Neeraj hears her.

Someone (may be Neeraj) calls Abhi and asks him to be in limits. Abhi asks who is speaking and what is your problem. Man says problem is him and says you don’t know me, I will pull off your ego. Abhi asks what do you want? Man asks him to stop troubling Meera. He says if you don’t stop troubling her then I will not leave you. He says I have handed over Meera’s hand in your hand with trust. Abhi asks him to say who is he? Mansays he is Preetam Pyaare.
Jassi eats samosas and tells Meera that it is really tasty. Meera says she will come later. Jassi asks her to sit. Meera drinks water. Jassi asks if Awasthy family is not taking care of her. Meera says there is nothing and says lets discuss about meeting. He gets Beeji’s call and gets busy. Meera leaves.

Sindhu asks Ankita to have food. Ankita says how Meera might be feeling. Sindhu says it is difficult to keep fast. Ankita says it is so romantic. She asks if Abhi can do this for Meera. Sindhu says men can’t keep fast. Ankita says Meera loves him so much.

Neeraj tells new tag line to Meera. Meera says not now. She thinks she scolded Abhi unnecessarily and calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. Meera asks him if he was waiting for her call. He asks if she had food. Meera says she kept fast for Ganga’s trust and says they shall do something with truthfulness. Abhi says our sins will not be washed. Meera says she wants to fast for ganga. She asks if he had food. He says yes and have medicine too, says he wants to be fine soon so that she don’t keep the fast. Meera says weather is romantic. Abhi asks her to come home and says he is feeling bored. He asks if you told anyone about your fast to anyone. Meera says no. Abhi thinks Sanjay must have called him and asks her to end the call. Meera ends the call and smiles.


Chupke Chupke 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadiya tells Abhi that Meera is having true love in her eyes for him. Abhi says actually, I can see. Meera reads the letter sent by Preetam Pyaare and gets tensed.

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