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Chupke Chupke 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ganga asks Meera to take rest for sometime. Sindhu says yes there are many rituals in marriage. Meera asks them to take rest too. Saru comes and says she has set Abhi’s room. Ganga says we wanted to book honeymoon suite, but Abhi didn’t agree. Sindhu says Abhi wanted to spend this night in his room. Ganga says she is my bahu. Saru says she is our bahu. They take Meera to Abhi’s room. Meera smiles. Abhi comes to room and closes the door. Ankita knocks on the door. He opens it. Ankita comes and says I want to ask something. Abhi asks her to ask. She says later and goes.

Abhi comes near Meera. Door is knocked again. Abhi opens the door. Sindhu comes and says I came to ask, if everything is fine. Abhi says yes. Sindhu says ok and goes. He closes the door. Ganga comes and asks if everything is fine. Abhi says yes. She asks him to enjoy and goes. Meera laughs. Door is knocked again.

Govind comes and blesses Meera. He asks Abhi if he needs to drink milk before the medicine. Abhi says Papa. He goes. Door is again knocked by Gopal. Gopal gives him something and says you need it. Abhi says I don’t need it and asks him to go. He checks if anyone is here. Saru comes out of cupboard. Abhi asks what you are doing inside. Saru says I came to ask do you need anything. They say no.

Saru says bye Meera. Abhi locks the door and checks the room if there is anyone in his room. Alarm clock rings. Meera closes it. Abhi says unique family of ours. Meera gets up from the bed and congratulates him. He says we did it and congratulates her too. He takes his pillow and sleeps on sofa, says good night. Meera sleeps on bed. Next morning, Ganga and Saru knock on the door calling Abhi. Meera wakes up, sees Abhi sleeping on sofa and wakes him up. She tells someone came on the door and asks him to sleep on bed. Saru says first night is special. Ganga says hangover. Meera opens the door. Ganga sees the room decorated still and sees Abhi sleeping. Meera tells her that she drinks coffee. Ganga asks her to give clothes to Abhi.

Meera comes to kitchen and asks for coffee. Sindhu says bahu don’t enter kitchen until mehendi goes from bahu’s hand. Saru asks about her night. Meera asks her to beat the sugar and then add hot milk. Ganga says Saru makes nice coffee. They ask her to tell about her night. Meera asks them not to mind and tells that she don’t share her personal talks with anyone, even her own family. Ganga, Saru and Sindhu looks on. Meera says we shall let that topic remain with us. Saru says ok and again ask her. Meera smiles. Sindhu tells her that they have breakfast altogether. Meera says yes, and says she will have breakfast and go to office. Ganga asks if Abhi knows about it. Meera says yes and says even he is going. Ganga gets upset.

Ila Chachi misses Meera and calls her to take coffee and then thinks she is not here. Mausami calls Meera. Meera takes the call and says Mausami. Chachi, Dad, Chacha come to talk to Meera. Meera says she couldn’t hear them. Chachi asks how is she? Mausami takes phone to side and asks about the night. Meera asks her to give call to Chachi. Chachi says Mausami is missing you. Meera asks Dad if he went to walk. He says no and tells that nobody forced him to go for walk. She says she will call him daily and force him to have a walk. She then talks to Chacha. Chacha asks her to call him if she has any trouble with kitchen. She says ok.

Chupke Chupke 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saru tells Dadi that first breakfast ritual is remaining. Ganga tells Meera that this is her house now. Chachi and Meera have an emotional hug.

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