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Chupke Chupke 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ganga tells Govind that they shall go out and have dinner outside. Ankita says we shall do something unique and exciting. Govind says we will go out and Meera and Abhi will get private time. Dadiya says we shall send them. Abhi and Meera comes there. Dadiya asks Abhi if he don’t love Meera? Abhi says yes. Dadiya asks him to take Meera to park and says Dada ji used to take her. She asks did you plan honeymoon? Abhi says no and then yes. She asks him to go to park now. Meera says she has office work to do. Ankita says Bhaiyya has serious thing to talk, and asks Meera to come out with him. She then calls Saru and says work is done, I am leaving. Abhi and Meera come there and says what she wants to say. Ankita says we will talk later and asks them to spend sometime there. Abhi says dramebaaz. Ankita says her friends are waiting and and asks them to see the environment and enjoy. They see couple kissing each other.

Back home, Meera tells Abhi that Ankita is smart. Abhi praises her acting. Meera says Ankita understood your over acting. She says we shall use some code language. Abhi says I am proud of myself. Meera says I am just proud of me, as you have done over acting. Meera says Banke ji was looking at me as if he has never seen anyone before. He asks her to call her Abhi. Meera says this is fake and if you overacting then will be caught. Matchmaker Bua comes home and tells that she went to see match for Ranbir Kapoor. Abhi and Meera come downstairs and tell that they are going to office. Bua says you didn’t tell me about this requirement, that’s why Abhi rejected the girls searched by me. Dadiya tells that meera like girls couldn’t be found. Meera says she thought Abhi will be worried in the office and that’s why she is also going. Bua says she is pativrata wife. Abhi coughs and winks his eye. Meera asks shall I bring water. Bua gets impressed and says she is sarvagun sampan.

Meera is in office and tells about the campaign. Boss asks her to leave it and calls Kajal and Subruto. He scolds them for ruining her married life. Kajal says I told her that I will handle this new campaign. Boss asks Meera to take leave and plan honeymoon. Meera says Abhi is busy in his office. Kajal says her relationship with Ajay went ahead after honeymoon. Meera asks her not to flow in emotions. Boss asks her to go for honeymoon. Meera says Abhi is busy and that’s why she came to office rather than sitting bored at home.

Govind tells Ganga that they are shying. Ganga tells that something is confusing and missing. She says she can’t find out that charm/magic in their relation. Govind reminisces their first moments. Ganga gets shy.

Abhi asks why there is work backlog. Cuckoo says I shall ask you, but I am not asking. Abhi asks why she is showing decency. She tells that people go for marriage and then work get affected. Abhi says he will finish all work in 2 days with Sundar. Sundar says he is taking 2 days leave for breakfast anniversary. Abhi says he will do work. Abhi and Meera come home. He tells that he has backlog of work. Meera says his boss Jassi asks her to go home and enjoy. Abhi says he don’t want to work now a days, but this project is important and tells that it is rab ne banadi Jodi, a matrimonial site. Meera says we shall seriously work. They come inside house. Electricity comes and everyone says surprise.


Chupke Chupke 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi tells Meera that their family members are happy and tells that they can’t punish them for their mistakes. His colleague doubt that he is not married.