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Chupke Chupke 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dadiya asks her family to serve food. Abhi comes and greets Dadiya. He asks about the English breakfast. Ganga says today everyone is according to Meera’s taste. She says she called Sanjay, her dad and asked him. Meera says why did you do? Saru says it is your right now. Dadiya asks them to have food. Saru says first breakfast ritual is remaining and asks them to make each other have food with their hands. They ask Abhi and Meera to feed each other. Abhi and Meera make each other have food shyly. Everyone claps. Abhi is going to office. Gopal Chacha stops him and tells even America president don’t go for work after marriage. Abhi asks him to make him President and says he will not go for a month. Gopal kaka tells him that when he got married, there was no privacy. Abhi leaves. He asks Meera why didn’t you have food. Meera says she is embarrassed. She says she will get her call. Abhi asks her to call Dadi before going and tells that there must be some rituals, and it is better to ask. They leave.

In the evening, Saru Chachi gives gulab jamun to Dadiya, Abhi, Meera and Ankita. Ankita asks Meera, who was shying in Suhaagraat. Saru asks her to go to room. They leave. Dadiya tells that now she can die peacefully, but have one wish. Abhi asks what? Dadiya asks them to give one grand child and asks them not to do family planning. Abhi and Meera excuses themselves.

Abhi comes to room. Meera and Abhi say lets read rules. Abhi says we will do this act for a year. Meera says we will not see each other like that when in room. Meera says sensuous touch is prohibited. They read their rules of contract marriage. In the morning, Abhi is disturbed by alarm clock. Meera wakes up and sets the bed. She comes out from washroom and starts doing yoga. Abhi wakes up and asks why didn’t you do yoga with dadiya. She asks him to turn that way or sleep.

Meera says this is my good morning time and asks him to sleep. Meera looks at him. They come down. Ganga asks Meera about the keys. Meera says it is her car keys and she will get her things from home. Ganga tells that this is her house now. Meera gets upset. She takes permission from Dadiya to go to her house. Dadiya asks her to go for pagphera rasam and says she will talk to Ila. Meera goes. Ganga says something is wrong. Govind teases her.

Chacha serves coffee to Meera. Meera thanks him and tells that in Abhi’s house, they make sugary coffee. They ask about Abhi. Meera says everyone is so good. Chacha asks what do you want to have. Meera says Paneer Pakoda. Chacha asks dad to come along with him and make it. Ila looks at Meer and admires her. Meera says I love you so much Chachi. Chachi asks are you happy? They have an emotional hug. Ila Chachi asks what happened? Meera says when you made me understand the meaning of woman? I knew it before. Ila Chachi says then you might know what I want to know. Meera says even you. Chachi says its ok. Mausami comes and tells that Gajju’s Dada has agreed for our marriage. Meera hugs her. Mausami asks her about wedding night. Meera says even your days will come.


Chupke Chupke 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Govind tells that Abhi couldn’t do anything in first night. Abhi comes out in bath towel and it slips. Meera shouts and turns her face. Abhi runs inside the bathroom. Dadi asks her to handle Abhi like a friend and mother.

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