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Chupke Chupke 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera comes to Abhi. He asks what? She asks him to move on the swinger. He thinks what is happening, why she is sitting near me. He is about to go. Meera asks him to sit for sometime. She says your mother told me something. Abhi asks what? Meera says now I have to take care of you like a mother too and laughs. Abhi smiles and says what did you say? Meera says what she would have said. She says she is not insensitive like him and says when someone stays with someone, they started caring for each other. Abhi thinks of her words. Sindhu comes and tells Meera that she needs to talk to her, and says your fight ended and you both gave treat, it is good. She says fight are not bad, but it shall be within limits. Meera says sorry and says you told that doubt ruins the house and says she couldn’t control seeing the situation. Sindhu says I want t tell you that you can ask /tell me whenever you want to tell something. Meera thanks her. She thinks at one side, Abhi asks me not to have fondness for them, but they are getting closer to me, what to do.

Abhi calls Sanjay and says he wants to apologize to him. He says because of misunderstanding, Meera was tensed and misbehaved with you. He says now misusnderstandings are cleared. Sanjay says it is good. Abhi says my family was shocked and that’s why he didn’t know what to do. He says sorry again and again. Sanjay says I was hurt as Meera haven’t told me anything. Abhi says Meera didn’t tell you anything as she don’t want to trouble you. Sanjay says today he is feeling lucky to have damad like him and says it is not easy to handle her and asks him to tell him if she does anything. He says today he is relieved seeing his love for Meera and is sure that he will take care of Meera more than him. Abhi looks on.

Cuckoo asks Sherley if her married prince came. Sherley asks why married and asks her to call him prince. Cuckoo says she believes on fact and says your prince is strange. She says Abhi sometimes love you and sometimes totally ignores you, that means he don’t love you Sherley asks her not to tell this, and says she tried to stop her heart, but it doesn’t stop. Cuckoo asks her to make her heart understand why to participate in the race which is already won by someone. Sherley says she has a doubt on their relationship. Cuckoo says even she doubts and asks her to go for it. Meera and Abhi come to Dadiya’s room. Dadiya bless them for a happy life. She says whoever is drown in love is successful and asks them to have a candle light dinner. Meera asks her to taste something. Dadiya says it is good.

In the room, Meera and Abhi collide with each other. Abhi says sorry. Meera asks if he is blind. Abhi says even you could see. Meera asks if he is in a mood to fight. Abhi asks why she was teasing him when he was taking clothes out. Meera asks him to remember Dadiya’s words and says if we fight, then love will increase day by day. Abhi looks on. He asks do you trust on her words. Meera says it doesn’t imply to us, as there is no chance of love between us. Abhi says exactly. She says she is going to office and says she will meet him in his office later in evening.
Meera comes to meet Sanjay. Sanjay says he thought she will come today. Meera says she came to meet him. Sanjay says I am not upset. Meera says she shouldn’t have said this and apologizes to him. Sanjay says his worries are gone now and says Abhi called and apologized, now I have no complaints with anyone. Meera asks Abhi called you. Sanjay says it shows how he cares for you. Meera thinks I told him that he don’t care for my family. Sanjay says he feels proud to have such son in law. Meera thinks he is sweet. She says sugar is little bit more.


Chupke Chupke 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi tells Meera that he is stuck in meeting and will go with her tomorrow. Kajal tells Meera about seeing Abhi with Sherley. Meera gets angry and throws Abhi shirt on his face, saying Sherley cheap perfume smell is coming from it. Abhi asks what is the problem, and says he is not her real husband. Dadiya tells Meera about Abhi’s birthday.

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