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Chupke Chupke 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Preetam Pyaare calls Abhi. Abhi gets upset and asks him to call on Meera’s phone. Meera asks whose call it was? Abhi says you are asking as if you don’t know. He says I am not here to attend your phone calls. Meera says she doesn’t know who is this lover. Abhi is upset with her. Meera thinks he is difficult to be understood and asks if he wants them to fight again. Abhi asks who started it all. Meera goes. She calls Kajal and says she is coming to office. She asks for help and asks Kajal to find out who is Preetam Pyaare. She then thinks if I get her involved unnecessarily. Abhi comes there. Meera ends the call. Abhi says I was going. Courier guy comes and gives letter to Meera. Meera checks it and is shocked. She says it is Preetam Pyaare’s courier.

Abhi asks her to read what is written in it. She finds the pages blank and at the last paper, he asks her to take care. Abhi says he cares for you much and asks her to accept that she had a boyfriend. Meera says may be. Ganga comes and asks Meera about the letter. She takes the letter and reads it. Abhi and Meera get tensed. Ganga says who is this Preetam Pyaare.

Neeraj comes to see Meera and says he can’t see her condition. Meera says she is fine now. Some guy comes there and knocks on the door. He gets inside the room and tells that he is detective Waghmaare. He suspects Neeraj. Meera asks him not to doubt him. Abhi tells Meera that some detective came. Meera says Kajal sent him. Detective comes to them and asks Abhi to give his phone to him. Abhi says you means to say that I am troubling my own wife. Meera says Abhi has nothing to do with Preetam Pyaare. Detective asks him to answer.

Later Abhi coughs and tells Meera that Waghmaare is strange, told that you had no boyfriend and made up own story. He says he is going to office from tomorrow. Meera says she don’t care about him and asks him not to bother her. Abhi says whenever I try to talk to you nicely, you argue. Meera says contract is ending and asks him to tell until when they have to bear each other. Abhi says 3 months. Meera gets sad. Abhi says she can settle down with Preetam Pyaare after that and asks her to talk to him. Meera says don’t tell me when to talk to him. She thinks why she is getting angry when she knows that they will separate one day.

Abhi thinks why he is not happy as contract will end soon. He gets Cuckoo’s call and tells that he will join office tomorrow. He gets happy hearing something. He tells Meera that his dream is going to be fulfilled and hugs her. He says finally he is going to America. Meera says Abhi. Abhi says I hugged you out of excitement, I didn’t mean to do that. Meera says congratulations and all the best for your future. Abhi says I can’t tell you how much happy I am. He says Cuckoo told me that I will head America’s branch. Meera says I can understand how you are feeling. Abhi says he is much happy. Meera says your happiness is reflecting on your face. Abhi says he is nervous too. Meera says everything will be good. Abhi says I was talking about your settlement and I got settled. He says we were fighting uselessly, we both will go separate ways. Meera gets teary eyes.


Chupke Chupke 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhi tells Ganga that there is a big good news. She asks if she is going to be Dadi. Later Dadiya asks Meera if Abhi took her permission. Meera says he has his own dreams etc and gets sad.

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