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Chupke Chupke 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chupke Chupke 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meera sees Govind. Abhi comes and asks what is he doing? Govind says he is booking their tickets. Abhi says I will book. Govind says when he went to travel agent and asked him to book ticket, but he asked in which language I am taking. He says he will book the ticket and asks Meera when she will go on a madhumaas. Meera says she wants to go, but Abhi is not getting leave. Govind asks him to sit and buy the ticket and asks Meera to ask him if he needs anything. Abhi says I am booking the tickets. Once he goes, Meera laughs. Abhi asks why you are laughing. Meera says how can I say that I don’t want to go, as I am newly married infront of them. Abhi says you are laughing and asks her to find the solution.

Dadiya asks Ganga to come. Ganga says she is taking her clothes for laundry. Dadiya asks Ganga to let Meera take care of Abhi and leave worrying about her. Ganga asks Meera if she thinks she is coming inbetween them. Meera says you have more right on him than me. Dadiya says Meera will handle and asks Ganga to rest. Meera says we can buy this. Ganga says this is my responsibility and says you have to do this for your bahu. Meera coughs. Dadiya asks her to think about starting a family.

Govind asks Ganga where is Saru and Gopal. Ganga says they went out. The family member teases Abhi and Meera. Banke’s brother also asks him. Abhi says we are not going for honeymoon. Everyone looks on upset.

In the morning, someone knocks on the door. Abhi wakes up Meera and asks her to set the pillow right. Hari chacha comes and greets them morning. Abhi asks if he is searching something. Hari Chacha says he is trying to search, but couldn’t be found. He asks them to rest and goes. Abhi locks the door and says if he is doubting on us and asks her to sleep.

Abhi tells Govind that they are going to office. Saru asks about their honeymoon. Govind asks Ganga to give food. Hari Chacha asks them how many times, do they talk on phone. Meera says sometimes we talk and sometimes not. Hari says I thought and asks do you talk about work or any other talk. He then asks did you see Meera’s office. Abhi says she saw his office, but he didn’t see her office.

Meera is in the office and says she didn’t like the line. Meera says your problem will be solved soon. Neeraj comes and greets them. Boss gets his Beeji’s call. Meera asks Neeraj to write a catchy tagline. Kajal opens her bag and finds a toy duck. Boss says kids must have kept it while playing. Meera says it is a limit. Kajal says since I joined office, Boss talked about work. Hari Chacha asks Sindhu to give him money. She asks him to take from her purse. Neeraj tells the lines. Kajal says love after marriage and gets happy. Hari Chacha tells Sindhu that love will blossom. Abhi’s colleague find cock in his bag and teases him. Someone says that in feng shiu, it represents love. Abhi looks at it.

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