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Chupke Chupke 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Chupke Chupke 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gopal asks Abhi if he is having fun and asks about last night. Abhi says it was same like all nights, I slept early as I was tired. Gopal asks him not to lie. Abhi asks him to tell clearly. Gopal says night is romantic after a couple fight and patch up and asks about last night. Abhi says it was wonderful, we played romantic music and then dance on ballroom dancing. We had a talk and then…Gopal gets happy and says you are blushing. He asks him to give red rose bouquet to Meera and tell romantic lines. Abhi says he can’t do this and teases Gopal.

Cuckoo sings song seeing Sherley’s situation. Sherley says she don’t like this song. Abhi comes and greets Cuckoo. Cuckoo asks him to increase his work speed and says she wants his job to be complete. She asks Sherley to help Abhi. Abhi says ok. Sherley tells Abhi that they will talk about love only, no stupid talks. She stares Abhi.

Ganga tells Sindhu that it was good that Abhi and Meera’s fight is resolved. Sindhu asks where Abhi is taking Meera. Ganga says don’t know and talks about her days.

Sherley asks Abhi to check his mail and says she got his work done. Abhi says we shall submit it. Sherley asks Abhi to take her for treat. Abhi refuses and asks her to understand. Sherley asks him to agree. Abhi says ok, lets have dinner together. They are about to go.

Meera calls Abhi and tells that they have to go on dinner. Abhi recalls and thinks what to do. He asks if she left from office. Meera says no. Abhi says he is busy in office work and tells Meera that they will go tomorrow. He thinks why did I lie?

Kajal comes back to office and tells Meera that she saw Abhi in restaurant with a girl, may be client. Meera gets doubtful and asks Kajal about the girl with him. Kajal gives her description. Meera gets upset and comes home, thinks about Kajal’s words and Abhi’s lie. She thinks why she is thinking like typical wives and thinks why did he lie to me.

She comes to kitchen. Ankita says I love you and is so proud of her. She says I got to learn many things from this. She says you are perfect. Meera says no relation is perfect and says there are grey things too. Ankita says you are being modest and asks when she is going with Abhi for dinner. Meera says he is busy and will not come. She says she has a headache and needs rest.

Bunty comes to Dadiya and tells that Meera is very worried and talked rudely with Ankita. Then she left making excuse. Dadiya asks him to call Meera and thinks what happened suddenly. Meera comes and asks did you call me. Dadiya asks about Abhi. Meera says he is in office and has cancelled their plan to go out. She tells Dadi that she will freshen up and goes.


Chupke Chupke 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganga asks Abhi about their dinner date. Abhi says he will take Meera tomorrow. Meera questions Abhi. Abhi reminds her that he is not her real husband.

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