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Dadi agonizes over the shattering family in Ishqbaaz


Oberoi mansion started having a war for the Oberoi empire. Pinky and Jhanvi get into a cat-fight. They fight for the house keys. Dadi gets a huge shock and cries. Dadi finds the family shattering. She can’t believe her sight. She never wished her family to fight for any materialistic thing. Anika, Gauri and Shakti console Dadi. Jhanvi asks Shivay to leave from the house. Shivay and Anika decide to leave happily as they want to see the family together and in peace. They also have a mission to unveil Shwetlana’s secrets and find a way to get rid of her permanently. Shivay doesn’t want Shwetlana to keep returning and troubling them for revenge.

Anika tells Gauri that she has to support Shivay and leave with him. Gauri hugs Anika and sheds tears. She asks Anika not to leave, else she will leave her elder sister once again. Anika is helpless by Shivay’s decision. She can’t stay back. She gives the house keys to Gauri. She asks Gauri to manage all the responsibilities of the family.

Pinky asks Anika not to do any madness like Shivay. She says Jhanvi and Tej can’t understand their sacrifice, Dadi gave these keys to Anika, if Anika can’t keep this, I will keep the keys. Jhanvi stops Pinky and tells her that its Gauri’s right to have the keys. She taunts Pinky for dominating the business. She asks Pinky will she snatch Gauri’s rights at home too. She says Omkara and Gauri are the elder ones after Shivay and Anika. The fight for the house rule begins. Pinky doesn’t give the keys. She says I will see how you give these keys to Gauri. Jhanvi gets mad to get the keys from her. Dadi feels Shwetlana has won in her motives. Shwetlana has broken the relations along with division of Oberoi empire.

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