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Detective Didi 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bunty And Special Inspector Bheem Singh Bullar Rescue Kids From Trafficking Gang


Detective Didi 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Detective Didi 10th December 2017 Episode start with  Bunty remembers her promise made to the boys’ mothers as she falls after being shot down. Gattu is playing with the kids when a goon comes there and asks him to be careful and says many kids getting kidnapped. Boys playing with him tease him saying he don’t know his father’s name. Gattu says his mum and dad is Bunty Sharma. Shaikh calls Salman and asks if the chicks will reach. Salman says yes and talks to the woman working in the school. She tells that she has killed Bunty and now the boys are safe. She comes near her and says you would have done a job like others girls, but you wanted to be detective and died so soon. She searches for Shankar chappal, but couldn’t get it. She leaves singing the song. Bunty wakes up and recalls seeing Ujala. She thinks where is the chappal.

Ujala is looking at the chappal and says he can’t let his owner die. Media asks Inspector why they don’t take action and search the goons. He says our special agent Bheem Singh Bhullar is behind the racket. Bunty comes there and asks them to arrest Amar Ujala. Inspector says I will arrest you for not bringing proofs here. Amar Ujala and the woman see Bunty’s interview on TV and get shocked. Bunty shows the pic of Ujala and asks boys to be beware of him. Ujala thinks he did a mistake by letting her alive.

She comes home. Gattu sees her wound and bandages her head. He scolds her politely for not getting her wound treated.

Munna and her father call him Bad blood and says he is like his father. Bunty asks Gattu to go to room and tells him that what was Gattu’s mistake. Muskan foundation woman calls her and tells that she is worried for Minto. Bunty says she will get justice for all kids. Woman thinks she has to make the kids reach the place for where they were kidnapped. The goon threatens the kids and tells that Minto eloped from there. The kids get scared. Minto escapes and runs on the road. He collides with Bunty and faints.

Salman calls woman and asks her to kill Minto before he tells anything to Bunty. She runs to Bunty’s home and tells her that she did right to bring him here. She asks his parents to go and says she will take care of him. She asks Bunty to freshen up. Bunty sees the kids pics and recalls seeing one of the boy’s pic with the woman. She realizes and runs to Minto. Woman injects poison in his drip when Minto wakes up and shouts, Bunty stops the glucose drip and sees the woman escaping. Minto tells her that he saw the woman with the kidnappers and she is sending all kids to foreign and talking about passport, visa.

Bunty sees amar Ujala and runs behind him. He gets scratch on his face. She comes to the woman’s house and sees her hanged. She calls Police and informs them. The inspector says it is a suicide case as Bunty reads the suicide note. She tells that the woman has struggled to save herself before she was murdered and shows the marks on her body. She tells them that she saw Amar Ujala going from there and is sure that he has killed her. She asks them to take action. They say Bheem Singh Bullar will catch the criminals. She says he is bullshit bullar. She meets the goon in the police station and tells him the kids will be sent today.

Goon asks her to go to someone and says he might have made passport of the boys. She comes to the man and asks him to send her son to foreign. The man identifies her as detective didi and says he is not making fake passport. Once she goes, he deletes the proofs and also damages the pics and throws in the trash. She comes and takes it. Later she realizes that Muskan Foundation kids are only kidnapped. She goes to the trustee of Muskan Foundation and tells her that her foundation woman was killed. He asks about Amar ujala. Mrs. Gehlot panics.

Bunty realizes her displeasure. She gets a call and gets happy, says she will make Delhi, a crime free place. Mrs. Gehlot asks the goons to take the kids with early flight and says she has mixed medicine in the drink. Gattu silently goes to his friend’s house. Bunty realizes one of the boy is Raja, Gattu’s friend. The kidnappers kidnap Raja and Gattu. Bunty hears Gattu’s shout on phone and follow him through GPS. She follows the truck and knocks on the door. The goon opens the door. She beats them. Amar Ujala comes and makes her smell chloroform. She faints.

Later she gains consciousness and hears that HR Minister and Muskan Foundation Mrs. Gehlot were involved in kids trafficking case and says Bheem Singh Bullar has solved the case. She sees Amar Ujala as Bheem Singh Bullar and recalls their meetings. The reporter asks about the scratch on his face. He says a wild cat had scratched him. She thinks he took credit for her work and now she will teach him a lesson.


Detective Didi 16th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In next episode, there is a new challenge for Bunty, as she will take up new case, and Bheem Singh Bullar will come across her.

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