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Detective Didi 16th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bunty Fights Against Rapist Cab Driver


Detective Didi 16th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Detective Didi 16th December 2017 Episode Start With Bheem Singh Bullar comes to the Police station and sees his police officers dancing on Beedi Chadayele song. They stop seeing them. Bullar dances with them. Bunty sees news about Bheem singh and gets upset., thinks she will teach him a lesson. She hears Gattu asking her to save him and acts as if he is stabbed. Bunty says blood color is red and it is ketch up. She asks him to go and practice and drags him out. Gattu asks her to show some pity on her. While they are on the way, Bunty’s cycle gets punctured. Gattu says he will be with her, but Bunty send him. She calls someone and asks to get the cycle repaired and take it home. She meets her friend and she asks her to come, says she will drop her. They sit in cab. Bunty asks how was her job? Friend says good and asks her to marry.

Bunty says if she marries, then her family will be upset. She says everyone is dependent on me. Driver looks at them. She gets her boyfriend’s call and tells Bunty that she will marry him soon. Bunty gets down from the cab after asking her friend to ask driver to drive nicely. Driver eyes her. Friend Ruhi sees him staring at her and asks him to concentrate on road. He says sorry.

Bunty comes to the police station and asks Bheem singh why does he stab her at her back. Bheem Singh asks the constables to write her complaint. Bunty says he took my credit. Bheem Singh says this cat is old and wild also, and says she became detective without any degree or anything. He asks her to make him Guru and says I will teach you something. Bunty says she cracked the case, but you took all my credit. Bheem Singh says he was working on the case from the start. Bunty says I know what you were doing and says you got drunk and cursed Dolly who left you for Ranbir on the marriage day. Bheem Singh Bullar gets angry. Bunty says she is professional detective and gets all Kundali of the person. Bheem Singh Bullar arrests her and puts her behind bars. He asks his men to leave her alone for sometime. Friend gets down from the cab and pays him money. He eyes her again.

She comes to the house and washes her face. Door bell rings. She thinks Sunil must have come, and opens the door. The cab driver comes to her house. She calls the police station but Bheem singh is busy checking Bunty’s phone.

The cab driver laughs and says you were showing anger in car. Bheem Singh Bullar sees Gattu’s mum video in which she confesses that she was raped and don’t have the guts to face her son Gattu. She tells Bunty to take care and says she can’t be alive anymore. Bheem Singh Bullar gets emotional seeing the video. Bunty scolds him for making the girls helpless. She says my sister was raped in Delhi and says my sister used to visit police station to get her criminal arrested. She says the rapist got the video viral and that’s why her sister jumped from the building and died. The cab driver rapes Bunty’s friend and slits her throat. Bheem Singh Bullar opens the lock up and says I am letting you go as you made me emotional. She slaps him and kicks him. She checks her phone and sees many missed calls from her friend.

They reach her friend’s house. Doctor checks her friend and says it is rape and murder case. Bheem Singh asks Doctor to take her to postmortem. Bunty gets emotional and imagines her sister. Bheem Singh asks Bunty about Ruhi. She tells that she took a cab to go to Chharpur. Bheem Singh calls the cab service and asks about the drivers who took her.

Dheeraj, the cab driver was questioned and other driver was also questioned. Security guard tells Bheem Singh that a florist came to sunil’s house. Sunil gives statement to Bheem Singh and tells that he didn’t send any flowers to her, and when he returned she was already dead. He watches the CCTV footage and asks constables to get the sketch from the florist. Bunty’s Nanu asks Servant where was you last night and says rapist is looking at him.

Munna talks to someone for his job and asks if she is married. She says yes and asks him to pay 2000 Rs. He disconnects the call. Servant thinks don’t know where is Didi? Bunty comes to Sunil’s house and searches for the proof. Bheem Singh asks her to go home and says you need to reach home safely. Bunty says if Police had done the work well then crimes won’t happen. She gets menthol cover and tells that it must be of the rapist. She says she is sure that the rapist is a cab driver.

A girl takes the cab and asks driver to drive. He turns looks at her. She gets a call and starts talking. Cab driver puts a break to make her phone fall down. She gets her phone and asks driver what is this road. The cab driver rapes her, murders her and throws her out of cab. Reporter tells that Sneha is murdered after Ruhi. Bheem Singh and Bunty comes there. Bheem Singh asks what she is doing here? Bunty says Police couldn’t do anything. She gets menthol wrapper and thinks both murders must have done by same person. Bheem singh says it can be done by two different persons. Bheem Singh says her friend said that Ona cab was booked from Chandani chowk. Bunty says rape and murder was common. She sys why Sneha’s phone is missing. Rapist washes her face. Bunty asks Constables to trace Sneha’s number.

Bheem Singh says he is leading the case. Bunty says she will solve the case and tells that it is race against time. She comes to her hotel and her friend tells her that Sneha was going back home when the incident happened. Bunty calls on Sneha’s number and it rings in rapist pocket. She asks someone to trace the number. He traces the number and tells the location. Bunty goes there and calls on Sneha’s number. The rapist picks the call. Bunty asks until when he will run. Rapist asks what is his mistake as the girls were wearing short dress etc. He tells that he is going another girl. Bunty asks him to come infront of her, but he throws Sneha’s phone and goes. Bunty gets the phone and gets tensed.

The rapist reaches a girl’s house with flowers in his hand and gets inside her house. Bunty thinks I have to stop him else one more innocent girl will be killed.


Detective Didi 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bunty takes a cab wearing short dress. Cab driver along with the rapist cab driver shows her knife.

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