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Detective Didi 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bheem Singh Rescues Bunty From The Cab Driver


Detective Didi 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Detective Didi 17th December 2017 Episode Start With Bunty talks to Timmy and says until she catches the cab driver, don’t know he will kill how many girls. Gattu comes on her way and asks her to keep her eyes and ears open. Bunty asks what is he talking about? Gattu says he wants to file case against police officer who is Bunty‘s tenant.
Bunty comes to Bheem Singh Bhullar’s room and asks him to wake up, asks how can he sleep when the crime like rape is happening in the city. The criminal enters another innocent girl’s house and attacks her. She shouts. Bunty wakes up Bheem Singh Bhullar. Just then he gets a call about rape and murder of a girl who had travelled with Una Cab.

Bheem Singh comes to the crime spot and asks about the victim Anita. Constable says they get to know that the girl took Una cab. Munna and Nana ji taunt Gattu for hearing their waste talks and calls him illegitimate. Bunty tells them that Gattu is legitimate in her eyes and says he is more legitimate than you people and asks them to have free food. Gattu asks her why they hate him. Bunty asks him to become more smart and says you are gift to me. She download Una Cab App on her mobile and thinks once a person books a cab, the location and the number is shared with the Cab driver.

The Cab Drivers of Una Cabs who had raped the girls are having tea on road side, and their friend tells that one more girl is raped and says if the rapist drivers come infront of him then he will kill them. Both guilty cab drivers look on angrily.

A girl is seen talking to her father and tells that she is not getting any auto, cab etc. Just then she sees una cab and tells her father that she will get the cab and come home. He asks her to be careful. She takes the Cab and talks to her boyfriend. Cab driver eyes her.

Bunty comes to the PS and asks Bheem Singh about the case. She tells him that she came to inform him that she is going to Una Cab office as she is answerable citizen of this nation unlike him. He holds her hand and says you can’t go out without us and tells Una Cab GPS is connected to Radar and says no cab driver can rape any girl now. He asks her to think 200 times before alleging police. Bunty says if same thing happens 4th time then I will not leave you. She goes. The cab driver rapes the Girl who took cab and throws her out of cab. She takes the cab no.plate pic before getting unconscious. Bheem singh bullar comes to the spot and comes to know that the girl Manna who was supposed to marry was raped and murdered, but the girl is critical. Bheem singh checks her phone and asks the constable to enquire the no.

Next day, Bheem Singh Bhullar and the constable come to the Una Cab stand and arrest the innocent man who told the rapist cab driver that he is against such rapist men. The Police arrest him as the rape of Manna happens in his cab and they find earring of manna. He was beaten up badly. The man’s wife come there and tells that her husband is innocent and has two daughters. Bheem singh asks her to go and see the girl. Bunty see the reporter telling that the cab driver accepted his crime and Bheem Singh solved the case. Bunty comes to the PS and tells Bheem that the driver Raju seems to be innocent and tells that the case is not solved yet. She shows the guilty driver’s sketch and tells that Raju’s face don’t resemble him. Raju’s wife tells that her husband was at home when the crime happened.

Bunty challenges Bheem Singh that if she reaches the criminal before him then they will be gone. She tells that the criminal will not dare to do crime from his own cab and will use others cab. In hospital, Manna’s father, Dadi and boyfriend cry. She gets conscious. Bunty tells her that she needs her statement. Her boyfriend asks Bunty to go and says just know she got consciousness. Bunty apologizes and tells that her statement can save other girls. She shows Raju’s pic and asks if he is the one? Manna tells that he is not that guy. Bunty thanks her and says you helped me big.

Bunty reaches police station with many people and protests against Bheem Singh Bhullar. His senior takes his stars and belt and suspends him for some days. He asks how can you arrest an innocent person and uses 3rd degree on him. Bheem Singh comes out and challenges Bunty that he will not leave her. Manna’s Dadi and Father come to Bunty’s office, and give manna’s jewellery asking her to catch the rapist. Bunty says Manna will only wear this jewellery and promises them that she will catch the rapists. She asks Manna’s father from where did manna take the cab. He says from outside the mall. She thinks may be the criminals wait for the girls to take Cab. She gets ready wearing a short outfit and talks to Timmy on mobile Bheem Singh sees her going and thinks he won’t let her party making him off duty. Timmy tells Bunty that the tracker is installed in her phone.

Bunty takes the cab of one of the rapist and recognizes his face to be of rapist. Timmy loses the cab and thinks to track her mobile. Driver eyes Bunty and another rapist driver sits inside and laughs. He laughs and says we couldn’t meet in Karolbagh, else I would have taken you in embrace. The first driver laughs and says they are the one. Bunty is shocked. Timmy couldn’t find Bunty. The cab drivers tell that they will enjoy detective didi together. He tells Raju was trapped unnecessarily.

Timmy finds Bunty’s phone on road and gets worried for Bunty. The rapist cab drivers stop the cab and asks her to get down from the cab. They show her knife. She kicks on the knife. The rapist tells that he is scared and says no woman can fight with man. Other rapist says you will be raped in the Una Cab now. She kicks both of them and one of the them (Dheeraj) falls on knife and gets killed. The second rapist says you have killed my friend and says I will uncloth you, and will do what we have done with Ruhi, Sneha, Anita and Manna. He is about to hold her, but just then Bheem singh comes there and arrests her to killing Dheeraj.


Detective Didi 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Next Episode was on honour killing. How Detective Didi will solve the case being in the lock up after her arrest.

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