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Dev 2 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Dev 2 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update, Dev 2 Written Update on

Dev 2 27th June 2018 Episode Start With Dev comes to Dwani’s house and sees blood drops on floor. ,,Dev tries to pump her heart and says come on.. Dwani coughs and wakes up. Dwani clings to Dev and says he came here, he was here, she faints. Dev hugs her and looks on.Kinjal is sitting in her room and cries, she says I am stuck in a big problem papa, I shouldnt be living anymore, ,,Man gives advance for next week and leaves. Pimp comes in room and eyes Kinjal. Kinjal is in tears, he tries to take off sheet from her. He says come. She says please, enough.. please not more. Pimp glares at her.

Pimp and Kinjal are going on a bike. He stops bike and says same hotel tomorrow, sharp, its going to be your favorite customer, be prepared, he leaves. Kinjal starts going to her apartment, ,,

Kinjalsays to her father I woke up for water, you sleep. Kinjal locks her room and cries, she thinks every night, they use me like an animal. ,,Kinjal gets a call from her pimp, he says I am coming, you know the address, come fast.. please send me a selfie. Kinjal thinks that I tried running away from Bhaskar(Pimp) today morning and got hit by a police van. Then she had to go to a police station where they asked her to file a complaint if someone was stalking her. ,,

Kinjal cries.Doctor checks Dwani, he says to her mom and dad that Dev came on time, she is out of danger now, ,Dad says to Dev that what will I put in a bank locker? Dev point at Dwani. Dad says she is my daughter and I would not put her in a bank. Dev says really? right now you were saying ,,Amar says to Dev that you like to make people angry, stay away from this girl, I dont want her to face what happened with Meera. Dev is hurt to hear that. Amar leaves from there. Dev recalls Meera dying a bomb blast.

De comes to police station and hears phone ringing. He sees officer sleeping and looks around for phone. He finds a phone in a lockup. He sees that its Kinjal’s phone which she forgot at station, he take call. Its Bhaskar, her pimp, he says you bit*ch, where are you? why didnt you take my call? come to college tomorrow and talk to me, otherwise I will put your video on every porn site and send your naked pictures to your dad. ,,

Bhaskar is talking to a girl in college, he asks where is Kinjal? she says she is crying in washroom, he says I will wipe her tears now, come with me to enjoy on beech, girl moves away from him and leaves. Dev hears all that and follows Bhaskar.Kinjal is in washroom, she recalls herself be used as a pr*stitute, she cries. ,,Stalker gets a message from Dwani that if he has guts then meet her in red lizard pub. He laughs and says invitation accepted.

Dwani hires a cab and goes to a pub, officer tries to stop her but she doesnt listen. Mahek is hiding near her street and looks on. She recalls how she had stalked Dwani’s profile and saw her pictures with Dev, how she had tended to Dev’s wounds, she thinks that she is getting closer to Dev so its time to meet her, flashback ends. Mahek starts following Dwani’s cab.

Dev is driving ,,Bhaskar says I didnt know that she will bite me, I am telling you I wont spare her. Bhaskar’s boss looks on. Bhaskar says just give me a chance. Bhaskar’s boss brings out antiseptic, Bhaskar says I will do it. Bhaskar’s boss wipes his wound on face and rubs anti-septic on his face. Bhaskar cries in pain and says its hurting. Dev is in same hotel and hears Bhaskar’s cries. ,,
Bhaskar starts leaving, Dev sees him going and hides.

Dev says if I show my anger then you would sweat a lot. Bhaskar’s boss says that dont say dialogues infront of me, give your audition somewhere else. Dev says only audition or heroine too? Bhaskar’s boss says are you a police man? want money or girl too? Dev says do you pimp out your family women too? I will lock you and your business up. Bhaskar’s boss gets angry and says you dont know about my reach, ,,


Dev 2 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahek asks Dwani how she likes Dev? Dwani says he is intelligent, smart. Mahek says I know you well, and I am telling you to stay away from Dev otherwise I will have to make you away from him.Voiceover says that Dev found truth of Kinjal’s relations which he couldnt even imagine. Someone is shown beating Kinjal at her home. ,,

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Dev 2 Details

Dev (previously Dev Anand) is an Indian suspense drama television series produced by Peninsula Pictures. The seies revolves around Dev Anand Burman – a detective battling inner demons. The crime storys are suggested by real life cases.The first season premiered on 5 August 2017 with Ashish Chaudhary, Sumona Chakravarti and Puja Banerjee as the main cast. The first season ended on 12 November 2017 after the planned 27 episodes and was replaced by Entertainment Ki Raat. It has a planned sequel called Dev 2.


Aashish Chaudhary
Pooja Bose
Sumona Chakravarti
Rajesh Khera
Amit Dolawat
Jayshree Arora

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min