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Dev 2 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Kinjal Kills Her Father


Dev 2 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update, Dev 2 Written Update on

Dev 2 28th June 2018 Episode Start With Dev find Amar. Dev says to Amar that s*x racket is working under your wing and you are running away from it? Amar says we are talking about Dwani. Dev says we are talking about Kinjal. Amar says I will handle that case.Kinjal is walking on road. Some goons come there and kidnaps her.

Dev says to Amar that you will remain silent because you are taking advantage of her like others. Dev recalls how connected dots when Amar left police station when Kinjal came there. Amar says you are under me so focus on Dwani’s case. Dev says you are sold officer, you are sold with money and girl’s body. Amar gets angry and starts beating him, Amar says you took away Meera from me, one baby died because of you, you and your killer wife killed people, you are a killer, atleast I dont kill people like you, he beats Dev. Amar says to Dev that all know I dont have a blood on my uniform, I will only have my blood on my uniform and I did not touch Kinjal, I am working as under-cover cop to identify this racket, remember I dont kill people to do my work like you have killed people, he leaves. Dev looks on.

Dwani messages stalker to meet her in a pub. She is going to the pub. She calls Dev and says I think we should.. Dev says I will do what we have to do, I told you to not leave your house, he ends call. Dwani looks on.

Dwani is in pub and waiting for stalker. Stalker is behind her and eyes her. Dwani messages him if he doesnt have guts to come infront of her? Stalker messages her that I am coming in two minutes. Stalker starts approaching Dwani but Mahek comes there and sits with Dwani.

Mahek starts talking to Dwani. Mahek says Dev saved your life? she nods. Mahek asks how she likes Dev? Dwani says he is handsome, smart, cool. Mahek asks if she finds him hot? Dwani says he is. Mahek says you find my husband hot? Dwai says no. Mahek says you think my husband is not hot? Dwani says you tell me. Mahek says let me tell you what can happen, you can roam around my husband but cant snatch him from me. Dwani says I am a criminology student and I am Dev’s intern, he just saved my life, nothing else. Mahek says enough, I saw you tying a bandage on his hand, you were eyeing him like I eye him and only I have right to eye him like that, Dev can burn his and my photos but you cant ask him to stop.

Dwani says I talked to him about that in his room then how do you know? Mahek says I know everything about you so I am telling you to stay away from DEv. Dwani says if you know everything then know that someone is stalking me, harassing me, commissioner gave Dev duty to find my stalker.. are you psycho that you are spying on your husband? I will find out how you are spying on him, she leaves. Stalker sees all this and goes behind her. Mahek says girl is clever, she calls reporter Barkha and says I have a news for you.

Dev comes to his room and thinks Amar is not under-cover, he doesnt know how many policemen are involved in this racket. He lies down and recalls his moments with Meera, baby. He recalls his father telling him that he had kidnapped his mom, he recalls Mahek shooting him. Dev thinks that Amar is right, I am a wrong person, Avii lost his mother because I was late, I cant be late, I have to find my mother, where are you? He wipes his tears and sits up but sees something on phone and is stunned.

Kinjal is locked in a room. Its all dark, Bhaskar’s boss comes there and says you raised too much voice but now I will do such a thing with you that you wont be able to flu. He takes off his belt. Kinjal says please let me go. Bhaskar’s boss turns on light and is shocked to see Kinjal. Kinjal says father? Bhaskar’s boss says Kinjal?

Dev sees Kinjal’s mobile photo with her father and recognizes that he is Bhaskar’s boss.Kinjal runs to her father and says please take me out of here, I am tired, I didnt do anything, that Bhaskar blackmailed me, please take me from here, she cries and hugs him. Bhaskar’s boss is in shock and hugs her. He recalls how Dev asked if he sells his family women too? Bhaskar’s boss throws Kinjal away and takes belt. Kinjal is shocked. He says my daughter cant be a pr*stitute, you have dishonored us, he beats her with belt and falls down. He recalls Kinjal telling that Bhaskar trapped her. Bhaskar’s boss calls Bhaskar, Bhaskar asks what happened? He says you made my daughter pr*stitute, Bhaskar is stunned, Bhaskar’s boss starts beating him. Kinjal is unconscious there. Bhaskar’s boss beats him. Bhaskar runs from there. Bhaskar’s boss says I have only one way, he takes out knife.

Dev sits on police station PC. Dev finds out some information about Bhaskar. Dev takes police jeep.

Scene 2
Bhaskar says to himself that if father is a pimp then daughter will be pr*stitute too. Dev comes there and asks where is Kinjal? he says I dont know, Dev slaps him, Bhaskar tells their room number. Dev says police will catch you.

Kinjal wakes up, she sees her father about to kill her, he says my own daughter is a pr*stitute, I am ashamed to call you my daughter, I should have killed you when you were born. Kinjal says I am your daughter. Bhaskar’s boss says after coming in this business, no woman is a daughter, you are just a sl*t, shame on you. Kinjal glares at him. Bhaskar’s boss takes knife and is about to attack her but Dev comes there and opens door. He sees Bhaskar’s boss killed and lying in blood on floor with Kinjal holding knife. Kinjal says I killed him, I killed my father. Dev kneels and wipes her hands which are filled with blood.

Dwani comes out of a pub and sends video message to her stalker that what happened to your challenge? you accepted to come infront of me so where are you? Stalker comes behind her and says I am here. Dwani turns around but doesnt find anyone.


Dev 2 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Stalker kidnaps Dwani. He ties her and says you are beautiful thats why all are behind you, I will cut your face so nobody will be behind you anymore. He takes a blade and brings it near her face. She cries.Voiceover says that will Dev help Kinjal after she killed her father or arrest her?Dev is driving with Mahek is passenger seat, she asks him to drive slowly and puts her hand on her belly. Dev says stop it, this pregnancy drama is very cheap. She says its not a lie, he says everything you say is a lie.Sweety enters her bathroom and sees something horrific, she screams and runs out of there.

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Dev 2 Details

Dev (previously Dev Anand) is an Indian suspense drama television series produced by Peninsula Pictures. The seies revolves around Dev Anand Burman – a detective battling inner demons. The crime storys are suggested by real life cases.The first season premiered on 5 August 2017 with Ashish Chaudhary, Sumona Chakravarti and Puja Banerjee as the main cast. The first season ended on 12 November 2017 after the planned 27 episodes and was replaced by Entertainment Ki Raat. It has a planned sequel called Dev 2.


Aashish Chaudhary
Pooja Bose
Sumona Chakravarti
Rajesh Khera
Amit Dolawat
Jayshree Arora

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min